New poetry collections

After being part of the Western Maryland Publishing Festival yesterday I’m excited about poetry again.

My forthcoming poetry collection SuiPsalms is novel-length now. Can’t wait for that one to be out and running amok. Only a few more months…

The next collection, tentatively titled Wholesome Terror: Lawfully Combative Verse is well under way. About 40 pages into it now.

A Ghetto Stylee is pretty much done, but, meh, I dunno. For some reason can’t be bothered to pursue getting it published. The Red Wallpaper: some of the writing is complete, but I haven’t done any of the (very time consuming) graphic stuff yet.

One thought on “New poetry collections

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  1. You can see an interesting variety of poems ranging from love poems,
    yearning poetry, social poetry, poetry, memories, to the romantic poetry and much more,
    but that you also can see the phrase from the poem.


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