Last Burn in Hell actors have been cast!

Last Burn in Hell coverAs part of Cast Your Characters, the all-new feature on Heidi Ruby Miller’s site (you follow author Heidi Ruby Miller, don’t you?), my novel Last Burn in Hell has had actors attached to it! No, not as a real-world production, but as a glimpse of what I was picturing during the writing process. To see the actors fully “in character,” get details about the people they are portraying, and to post who YOU really think should get the roles, go to!


    1. Thanks! To tell you the truth I had intended to cast Naya Rivera (of Glee) as Juanita Diaz. After difficulty finding an image that would convey a sense that she could be the character, though, and finding that perfect pic of Selena Gomez…AND Miley Cyrus appearing in HELLBENDER…I just had to switch up! Sorry Naya, maybe next time.


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