Laughing at the Abyss

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about H.P. Lovecraft’s racism for months now. I’ve managed to hold myself back from discussing it because I realized that if I started writing about this topic, I’d probably go on for about five or ten thousand words. I felt I needed enough time and space to do the topic justice.

I’ll try not to write five or ten thousand words. At least, not all at one time. Think of this as the first in a possible series of blogs on the subject.

A Stroll through the Minefield

Broaching this subject is difficult, because most Lovecraft fans have an affection not just for the work itself, but also for the man who wrote it. I suspect many misanthropes and cosmic horror junkies find solace in identifying with H.P.L. For a brief period of time (before I learned more about him), I even…

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