Tag, You’re Erotically Horrified

Author Jessica McHugh tagged me in a blog game which involves searching for the first  use of the word “look” in your work in progress. You then paste that paragraph, and those immediately before and after, on your blog, after which you spread the disease to five other authors.

As I’m just concluding work on the erotic horror novel Sin Conductor I’ll use that as my work in progress. Ironically the very first paragraph includes the word “look,” so I’ll include the opening quote. You know, the thinky one intended to dupe readers into believing you’re some kinda brainiac.

1: Charred

“The bond between life and death has many aspects. It can be felt equally in sexual and mystical experience…human sexuality is only ever admissible within certain limits, and outside these it is forbidden. There is everywhere in the long run a certain sexual impulse that is unclean. From then on it is no longer a matter of beneficent sexuality ‘intended by God’ but rather of malediction and death. Beneficent sexuality is close to animal sexuality, unlike eroticism which is man’s own and only genital in its origins. Eroticism is a sterile principle representing Evil and the diabolic.”
–Georges Bataille, Death and Sensuality

With a job like mine people tend to think of you as Death’s bookie. They look at you as the odds maker of interment, and everyone else is just a gambler losing one chip a second, with no hope of ever winning it back. Not to be all high and mighty or anything, it’s just common knowledge in this line of work that accidents and their adverse effects are the leading cause of death for US citizens aged one through forty-five. And Death’s bookie, he happens to be thirty-one, but that’s not something he tends to dwell on. Too much.

Mandatory notices for factory workers are posted on a cork board out here in the empty hall. I extend my telescoping metal pointer and use it to raise the board from the wall. Yep, dozens of roaches scurry and scrabble under there. “Deplorable.”

* * *

Yeah, so there isn’t much time to get a feel for the story, or the narrator, with just this brief intro. I’m thinking about making the first chapter a freebie of some sort. Hmm. More on that later.

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