Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Round 1

This is my first time participating in Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, despite the fact that Heidi Ruby Miller has been telling me about it for months. I’ve finally listened to her sage advice, as we all should.

The snippet below is from my novel in progress, Abens in Remota. It is a tragic romance with strong elements of fantasy and science fiction and lots of action. Lots, lots, lots. Readers accustomed to my experimentation with form will find plenty of surreal mind-bending to keep them busy within the text itself. In this scene our two central characters attempt to become reacquainted with each other after more than a century apart…

* * *

The sun will disappear over the horizon soon, and seems to be pulling the clouds over itself to stay warm for the night. Cordelia remembers Sean saying something about that to her in worlds past. The sun in question was green, and those clouds were silvery with toxic metal particles, but it was an adorable notion regardless. She closes her eyes, listens for his body and subtle movements below the noise of the tide coming in. Her senses assure her this is really happening.

He says, “This is the most beautiful sunset ever.”

She draws in breath with lips twisted in a dour I’m-going-to-shoot-you-down way, but stops, nods. “In the history of this universe, and the millions we destroyed.”

“Come on now, Lotus. You know it was more than millions.”

* * *

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