Here’s the holiday buying guide I wrote (for everyone who has asked about which RDSP books to purchase):


2012 IMJ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE BANNER #1Depending on your work environment, you either tolerate the yearly tradition of Secret Santa or your despise it. If you are looking for an alternative office gift guide that is totally and unabashedly biased… Look no further!

We furnish you with the Raw Dog Screaming PressHoliday Buying Guide. As a bonus feature, it doubles for other gift recipients you may not know so well– such as extended family, in-laws, the new creep with your sister or awkward weirdo with your brother, and so forth!


THE GOTH GIFT TAGBetter Haunted Homes & GardensBetter Haunted Homes and Gardens
Author: Jennifer C. Barnes
Illustrator: Kristen Margiotta
$11.95, Imaginary BooksTHE GOOD

If Tim Burton made a children’s book it would be this. If you dislike Burton’s work, you can still enjoy the really cool aesthetic in this pint-sized dose without having to sit through a feature-length film.


Ole mopey won’t cheer up with the gift…

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