Free #TwitterFiction Daily!

To (hopefully) make my Twitter feed more fun and interactive I’ve begun a new project. Every day I will post a new tweet-sized story based on suggestions from my Twitter followers. Thus far people seem to enjoy the experiment, and I’m having fun with it, so you can expect the storm of #TwitterFiction to continue raging. Here are the first two pieces, as examples:

1 (request: a kitten and a troll)
A kitten and a little girl crossed a bridge, when a troll emerged to eat the girl. The kitten ate the troll, thereby devouring her friend.

2 (request: hackers)
John was supposed to write a story about hackers today, but that won’t happen. Don’t worry, everything is fine–it’s safe to read this post.

For more free micro-shorts, or to suggest ideas, just visit

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