Prelude to a Bullet

WholesomeTerrorMy next confirmed poetry collection is Wholesome Terror: Lawfully Combative Verse, and should be available through your library in early 2014. Although I’ve had other books come out recently–such as The Horrible and Truth in Ruins–and announced Devil Entendre (also coming in early 2014), I might be most excited about the prospect of Wholesome Terror due to it being composed of my most recent material, unlike the aforementioned books which collect work from early in my career. So, what is Wholesome Terror?

“The sheer terror of hope has been dissected and repackaged as standard rhymes, experimental verse, and other poetic forms in order to rendition the reader blissfully numb. These are poems that contain elements of eroticism, satire, political commentary, and horror wherein the reader need not wonder how many times can Lady Lazarus be resurrected after waterboarding, because they find themselves acting as her proxy in this endeavor. Wholesome Terror is a savage, hydrophobic dog of a book curled up with the reader’s throat comfortably within reach.”

That comes from the back cover. If you need further explanation visit for a sample, and a short film directed by Jayson Densman based on that poem.

And, as always, I have a new song for you from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack: “Prelude to a Bullet.” You can listen free of charge  at

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