Plague Factory Kindle Countdown Deal

plague factory coverMy poetry collection The Plague Factory has gone on sale over at Amazon. For the next four days it will be available at a gradually decreasing discount, starting at just $0.99 today, $1.99 tomorrow, and so on. While its surrealism, absurdism, and experimental tendencies don’t make it something that people seek out, everyone who buys either the paperback or eBook seems to like it. So, if you’re looking for African American poetry that is a little different give The Plague Factory a try when it costs you next to nothing. If you are part of a reading group and want to take advantage of this deal to give participants a low-cost selection, don’t forget to download the free Plague Factory Resource Guide. Still undecided? Why not use Amazon’s “look inside the book” feature to sample the collection. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Plague Factory Kindle Countdown Deal

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  1. I was reading your “about”: you have some serious credentials…! I look forward to discovering stuff about you. 🙂

    and wow. I just noticed your name is a name I used in my novel–I riffed on John Lawson (being the son of a cop) and of course, the long arm of Johnny Law…



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