Paramourn Has Been Published!


Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances was published recently in Kindle format. Paramourn is a collection of bizarro, horrible, and funny erotic short fiction. While half of the book was previously published in anthologies and magazines the other half proved to be a bit too much for the publishers out there. For a sample you can read a free story on the Paramourn page here at my site, or you can read first 15 pages through Amazon’s Look Inside the Book feature.

So, what exactly is this collection? It’s full of hyper-heterosexual, hyper-genderqueer, paranormal, literary, surreal novelettes, short stories, and flash fiction. One story was published in the legendary Cthulhu Sex Magazine, while others appeared in Amoret, (the old one), Crown of Bones, and RAW: Brutality as Art. In other words the stories are up to a dozen years old. They were fun to write, and ended up being some of my most abnormal work to date. Your Halloween goody bag won’t be complete without this one!

Take a look at Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances on Amazon.