James Merrill House Writer-in-Residence

The James Merrill House Writer-in-Residence Program offers one 4-1/2 month residency between mid-January and the end of May, and three or four shorter residencies of 2 to 6 weeks during the months between Labor Day and mid-January. In recognition of Merrill’s own contributions to the Stonington community and his longstanding generosity to fellow writers, the fellowship provides living and working space to a writer in search of a quiet setting to complete a project of literary or academic merit.

The Merrill House Committee works to preserve James Merrill’s residence in Stonington CT as a tribute to him and a cultural asset to the local community. In this spirit, the Committee wishes writers-in-residence to be enriched by and also to enrich the community of Stonington. We ask those who are spending an extended (4-1/2 month) residency to present a reading of their work. We can also assist in arranging workshops, school appearances, or other literary activities in the community. Opportunities for readings or workshops will also be available during the brief term.

In the past, this has included workshops for interested members of the community, small discussion groups, a class at a local school, and reading by guest writers of the fellow’s choosing. We encourage applicants to devise their own contributions as imaginatively as they are inclined.

In an effort to make the James Merrill House Writer-in-Residence Program available to a greater number of qualified candidates, the Merrill House Committee has adjusted the fall residency periods to include three or four shorter residencies (2 to 6 weeks) as well. The specific dates of these brief residencies will be determined according to the needs of the Merrill House Committee and the applicants.

The Writer-in-Residence program includes a $5,000 stipend for an extended term. Smaller stipends will be offered for the brief residencies.

For more information about the living arrangements available for our writers, please consult our Merrill House Guide. It is a useful tool to understanding the community and the accommodations.

For my information and the online application form please visit http://www.jamesmerrillhouse.org/application.htm.