Mary Robinette Kowal to Teach Free Workshop in Ferguson, MO

Author Mary Robinette Kowal
© 2012 Rod Searcey.

Award winning author Mary Robinette Kowal is somebody I’ve always supported, and a big part of that is her dedication to not just helping other writers improve, but ensuring all voices are heard. Please take a moment to read the information below and share it far and wide. Also: if you are in the area and interested in writing I urge you to sign up at the link below for this writing workshop. It’s not every day one gets the chance to learn from successful authors free of charge.

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Everyone has a story they want to tell, whether that’s from fiction or from part of your life.

As I’ve been watching the news roll out from Ferguson and then in waves across the nation, I’ve been struck by how much grass-roots reporting has differed from the mainstream media narrative.

While facts and data are important, we respond most to the anecdote, to the personal story. This is why, anytime someone says, “But it’s just fiction” I want to laugh and laugh at their naive little brains. Stories are what shape the world.

For some people, getting a story out is more difficult than for others. This isn’t about talent, it’s often about opportunities and privilege. Because of the intersection of class and race in the United States, many of the people whose stories are the ones we most need to hear, are also not in a position where they can afford the time and money to take a writing class. So, I’m partnering with the Ferguson Municipal Public Library to offer a free writing workshop.

When: Saturday, January 24th 12:00-4:00pm CST
Where: Ferguson Municipal Public Library
35 N Florissant Rd
Ferguson, MO 63135
What: In this 4 hour workshop, I’ll use a combination of lecture and in class exercises to walk you through how to write short stories. The session will cover economical prose, effective use of point-of-view and how plot works in short form.

To sign up for FREE please visit


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