Making Goals vs. Creating Opportunities–Guest Blog

Take a moment to read publishing insights from Raw Dog Screaming Press editor Jennifer Barnes.

Lost in the Funhouse

Jennifer Barnes.

This time of year many people are busy making goals, taking stock and trying to change their lives. Writers are no different so they’re setting word counts, listing projects and combing through submission guidelines. These are all good and useful things but in the creative arts, and even day to day life, most of the “big breaks” come from out of nowhere. Whenever I talk to established authors about how they started in publishing I come away with stories of coincidence, chance and luck. But when I talk to writers who want to break into the business I often hear they want to be a New York Times Bestseller or they want to be published in a particular magazine or win such and such an award. They set their goal and work toward it singlemindedly.

This is an admirable approach but doesn’t take a lot of things…

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