RDSP On the Final Stoker Ballot

three stoker award finalistsWhen people ask me about publishing I always tell them I have a great job because of the caliber of people I am afforded the opportunity to work with, perform with, hang out out with. I’m sure a lot of publishers feel this way, but the people whose writing we publish are special. It’s nice to see the Horror Writers Association agrees with me! The HWA released the final ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards earlier today, and three of our books made it into that exclusive group. They are:

I would also like to congratulate our recent Women in Horror panel participant Damien Angelica Walters for her nomination in the short story category, although we have not been lucky enough to work with her in a publishing capacity. In fact, everyone on the ballot deserves accolades. Check out the other works listed, such as those from ChiZine, John Dixon, and so many others. The full details are available at http://horror.org/final-ballot-bram-stoker-awards/.