Join Our Luxury Writing Retreat

bbrWe will be back at Bourbon Ridge Friday, April 10th – Monday morning, April 13th for a weekend of writing related hijinx! The primary focus will be on individual writing time but you’ll have the chance to talk with other editors and authors over meals and share your work in a group reading session. Accommodations are in a luxurious lodge in scenic Hocking Hills, OH.

Get away from distractions and make time for your writing! We had a great experience the first time we stayed there and are looking forward to going back. See the pictures and read our recap here. But you don’t have to take our word for it, get a participant’s perspective from

All meals are included, the total cost (covering 3 nights) is $250 for a single room and $75 for each additional person in the room (ie $325 for a couple, $400 for 3 people sharing etc.) Several rooms with bunk beds are available for sharing as well as rooms with King size beds for singles or couples.

The number of rooms available is very limited and we don’t want to overbook so if you are interested contact us at and let us know what kind of room you are interested in. If you have questions you’d like answered before reserving a room we are happy to answer them!


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    1. Yes, you are correct on both counts! When we arrived at dusk last time it felt as thought we were stepping into a horror movie. Then you realize you’re sharing a movie star mansion with a bunch of great people, and the creativity just flows.

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    1. It’s a great time, Robin. Lasting bonds are made between people, a lot of work gets done…and even more FUN gets done! Plus we had a really intense night where everyone performed some of their work in the theater (yes, this massive place has a legit theater built into it).


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