Small Press Month

logo2Did you know that March is officially Small Press Month? Raw Dog Screaming Press has been celebrating by publishing spotlights on various indie publishers over at the RDSP blog. Thus far we have featured eight different publishers spanning many genres and styles. More are on the way!

Until the next update why not read up on what is happening in the publishing scene with these fine companies:

Anti-Oedipus Press

Apex Publications

Atticus Books

Despumation Press

Down & Out Books

Fiction Collective 2

Rooster Republic Press

Valancourt Books

2 thoughts on “Small Press Month

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  1. It doesn’t seem that small publishers are interested in gentle humour anymore than big publishers are. Most seem to want something that bites back in any genre.Surely that must limit the audience too?
    Ah well, back to the drawing board.
    You’re doing a great job out there John with details of the writers retreats and the grants available that many authors wouldn’t know about.

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    1. A good point, David. At RDSP we slip in a healthy portion of humor under the radar to entertain readers while still permitting them to feel like “serious readers.” Then again, a lot of it is done without any pretense. Other publishers …not so much. I personally feel that people should have fun, yes? Regardless: thanks, as always, for reading and for the kind words.

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