Read This: Darren Speegle

Here are some provocative thoughts from Laird Barron regarding the writing of Darren Speegle, whose collections A Dirge for the Temporal and A Rhapsody for the Eternal we had the pleasure of publishing.

Resurrecting a post from 2007 about one of the best weird fiction authors. And when it comes to weirdness, Speegle is only matched by the likes of Brian Evenson and Michael Cisco.

Regarding Darren Speegle:

I think it appropriate to begin with Speegle as he recently announced his collection, A Dirge for the Temporal will be reprinted in hardcover by RAW DOG SCREAMING PRESS.

Someone at a message board asked, if given their taste for the works of Ligotti, Mark Samuels, and Don Tumasonis, and other writers of the weird, would he enjoy Speegle…

My response, lifted from the board:  “If you enjoy Tumasonis, I think you’ll enjoy Speegle. They share a lot of qualities and explore similar themes — strangers in strange lands, the uncertainty and mutability of relationships, geography as a mirror for the mind, an extension of dream state. Both produce work I find grandly elliptical and consummately…

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