Colors Made of Tears and Smile For the Camera

Photo by Abdone courtesy of Dreamstime
Photo by Abdone courtesy of Dreamstime

Recently I was tagged by both Heidi Ruby Miller and H.L. Gribble to participate in this year’s round of the 777 meme. Therefore I’ll take things a step further and post selections from two of my novels in progress (yes, they are older and have been sitting on the shelf for a while, but still).

1. Go to the 7th line of the 7th page of your work in progress.
2. Post the next full 7 lines.
3. Then tag 7 friends.

From the erotic thriller Colors Made of Tears:

Zoe crossed her arms, staring at him hard. “Let me ask you something. Are you sex positive, or sex negative? Because–”

“Stop,” he gravely interjected. “I’ll save you some time and just say I have been tested, and I do in fact have sex. You can put me down on your survey as being positive for sex.”

* * *

And now, from the supernatural thriller Smile For the Camera:

A lone sock dangles from the telephone wires overhead, cigarette butts and food wrappers are caught in the cracks that define the pavement, a used diaper is in the street, swollen by the recent rains. Foot traffic is light at this time in the morning, reduced to those going to or from public transportation. If the need arises for Wenonah to scream for help it is unlikely there will be any takers.

She gauges the man, stands next to him, struggles to walk in stride with him. Height-wise she is level with his armpit. The important thing, as she sees it, is the size of his cash wad. If that’s as much money as she thinks it is both she and her mother can go to the dentist this year, and have a checkup at the doctor’s office, and go to the optometrist.

* * *

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yikes! Both of these have spiked my interest just by reading those short snippets. Do you have an idea on when they might be completed? 😉 (Yes, I know, the worst question to ask a writer EVER)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Extensive outlining is done on both projects, both of which I intend to complete later this year after fulfilling some other obligations. Perhaps I ought to post the completed bits.

      Liked by 1 person

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