Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency, and Lovecraft Reaction

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to speak with somebody who is friends with the folks at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and they informed me of the multidisciplinary arts residency program there. Before I present that information, however, permit me to thank everyone who shared my last blog post, regarding H.P. Lovecraft, the controversy surrounding his views on race, and the overall cultural problems facing us today. Readers of this blog generated many more thousands of hits per day to my site than usual this week, especially after my blog was posted to Reddit. Two of my favorite comments from the Reddit reaction are:

Those savage Satan worshippers from the equatorial regions are infiltrating this country and spreading Ba’al worship amongst our children while hiding behind the burqa of progressive tolerance! Soon it will be too late to stop the dark legion and we will all be bound to their unholy sharia!

Pretty sure I saw that on my Facebook last week.


Even if he personally partook in the lynchings or hunting black people on university campuses, I wouldn’t give a shit. He wrote good stories. That’s all I care about in a writer. His personal political affinity doesn’t and shouldn’t matter in the slightest.

You can join in the conversation either here on my blog, or at Reddit, or better yet share the post with those who might find it worth reading. Thank you!

And now for the arts residency…

* **

How to Apply to the Master Artist-in-Residence Program

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Artist, first view the Current Residency Schedule and select the Master you are interested in working with.  Each Master Artist determines the requirements and basic structure of their residency. Masters may select up to eight Associate Artists to participate in the three-week program.

You may apply by following the instructions below. Note: ACA no longer accepts application materials via mail, email or fax. An extra administration fee is required if you wish to apply by mail or email.

Additional questions may be answered by visiting Master Artist-in-Residence Program Details or About the Master Artist-in-Residence Program. You can also request help from submittable if you have issues on their site

To apply for a residency, do the following.

  1. Visit the current Residency Schedule to review the application requirements and deadline for the Master Artist you want to apply to. Completed applications must be submitted by Midnight EST on the deadline date.
  2. Prepare the application files for your application submission.
  3. Visit our submissions site,, and click on the Submit button for the Master Artist you would like to apply to.
  4. The next page will ask you to sign in with your current submittable account, or to sign up for a new account. You have to have an account to apply.
  5. This page is where you enter the information for your application. At the bottom of the form, you can upload the files listed in the Master Artist’s application requirements. Programs require various documents that can include word documents, images, scores, sound files, or other materials. Some artists also require a document with links to online videos. The submission website does not allow you to edit your files after you complete your submission.
  6. Enter your payment information at the bottom of the page for the application fee.
  7. Click Submit to complete your application. At the time of this writing, users received two confirmation emails; one confirming your payment and another confirming receipt of your application submission. You should be notified within 6 weeks of the application deadline a to whether or not you have been accepted.

If you have any questions, please email Greg Cole, Program Assistant and Technical Projects


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