Celebrating the Holidays at Broadkill Resort

by Jennifer Barnes on January 4, 2016

IMG_2980IMG_2978We were lucky that the Broadkill Resort was pretty much rental-ready when we bought it, but there were still a few things we wanted to improve before we started have workshops and retreats there. So over the holidays we decided to celebrate at the beach while making improvements to the house.

My sister came up with a fabulous Christmas/seafood themed menu and did most of the cooking. Here’s what we had:

It turned out to be the perfect weather for Christmas at the beach with unseasonably warm weather. It got into the 70s! Santa brought the resort a great yard wagon for carting things like firewood to the beach. We discovered mistletoe in a tree on the property and learned that space under the griddle of the antique diner stove works as an excellent broiler.

We worked on many projects to improve the house including:

  • Fixing all the doors that were sticky (most of them) and adding doorstops
  • Getting more than a trickle of hot water out of the shower
  • Touching up paint around the windows
  • Painting the bathroom mirror
  • IMG_2990IMG_2989Fixing a crack in the entry door
  • Cutting and stacking firewood
  • Security updates
  • Yard clean up
  • Hanging a new bird feeder

There are also a few projects we began that are not yet completed

  • Painting the entry door
  • Adding built-in bookshelves to one of the bedrooms
  • Installing a dry erase board for workshop use
  • Flagpole rehabIMG_2984

During our yard clean up we discovered a hinged flagpole that had been lowered and was almost buried by sand. We’re excited at the prospect of having our own Broadkill Resort flag in the near future but first the flagpole needs some repairs.

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