The books of John Edward Lawson span horror, science fiction, and surreal fantasy in poetry, short stories, and novels. Click on the individual titles below for reviews, ordering information, and freebies.

All I Want For Christmas is to Die

Serialized novel. (coming soon)

Bibliophobia cover


Collected poetry. (2021)

A Child’s Guide to Death

Illustrated book. (2007)

Devil Entendre book cover

Devil Entendre

Collected fiction. (2014)

Discouraging at Best

Collected fiction. (2007)

The Haunted Advertising Agency

Serialized novel. (coming soon)

The Horrible book cover

The Horrible

Collected poetry. (2005/2013)

Last Burn in Hell

Novel. (2005)

Lawson vs. LaValley

Collaborative fiction collection. (2011)

New Mosque City cover

New Mosque City

Novel. (2010)

Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances

Collected fiction. (2014)

Penny Dredscott

Serialized novel. (coming soon)

plague factory cover

The Plague Factory

Collected poetry. (2003/2009)

Playing the Long Game

Fiction chapbook. (2019)

Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades

Collected fiction. (2005)

Psych Noir

Fiction chapbook. (2004)

The Scars cover

The Scars are Complimentary

Collected poetry. (2002)

Seasons of the Scalpel

Serialized novel. (coming soon)

Sin Conductor

Novel. (coming soon)

Specimens of Horror and Depravity

Serialized novel. (coming soon)


Collected poetry. (2013)

There Are No Words

Serialized novel. (coming soon)

This Dreadful Skin

Serialized novel. (coming soon)

The Troublesome Amputee

Collected poetry. (2006)

Truth in Ruins

Collected fiction. (2013)

Wholesome Terror cover

Wholesome Terror

Collected poetry. (2014)


Assorted fiction, poetry, and articles.

Of Flesh and Hunger

Multi-author anthology.

Sick: An Anthology of Illness

Multi-author anthology.

Tempting Disaster cover

Tempting Disaster

Multi-author anthology.

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