Lawson vs. LaValley

Fiction collection with Dustin LaValley, Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2011

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Fringe fiction authors John Edward Lawson and Dustin LaValley battle to the death in order to establish supremacy of the indie publishing scene. LaValley, a martial arts instructor, lurks in one corner. Opposing him is the behemothic Lawson, and between the two lay the corpses of readers, reviewers, and the heedless literary elite. What force can stop them in time to save mankind?

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What they’re saying about Lawson vs. LaValley:

“Lawson vs. LaValley is a two man show of talent, skill and storytelling in a uniquely fashioned manner. John Edward Lawson and Dustin LaValley are two of today’s most prominent small press authors and after reading this collaboration, they hold those titles high and rightly so.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Overall, Lawson Vs. LaValley is a good, clean fight that ends in a draw, the competitors having hit each other in the jaw at exactly the same moment. The blows are gut-wrenching, powerful, and as with the epic battle of Superman and Doomsday, no one is safe until it’s over. Place your bets. It’s a helluva rumble.”
—Emory B. Pueschel, editor of Death to the Brothers Grimm

“To read and finish this is, for fans of the short and horrible, like waking up, wide-eyed and sweaty, after a succession of satisfying nightmares.”
—S.D. Foster, author of A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space

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