Truth in Ruins

truthinruinsCollected Fiction, Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2013

Through a series of dark bizarro adventures Truth in Ruins chronicles the world’s dying gasps. Sneak into the space where flesh is erased and sanity unspools, where casual brutality rules and hilarity ensues. Here flesh is as malleable as one’s morals, everyone is a serial killer, and one must always keep a shotgun at the ready to fend off trolls and kobalds. You have been warned…

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What they’re saying about Truth in Ruins:

Truth in Ruins by John Lawson was more enjoyable and exciting for me, though perhaps I’m biased by my fascination with ethical apocalypses and human atavism in all its forms. Really exciting stuff that could be very appealing to crossover audiences.”
-Garret Cook, author of Murderland and Archelon Ranch

“John Edward Lawson’s Truth in Ruins is a violent look at sex, death, and survival in a post-Apocalyptic America, one part Sarah Kane and one part Film Noir.”
-JoSelle Vanderhooft for The Pedestal Magazine

“John Edward Lawson’s Truth in Ruins is one of the most hyperbolic entries in the entire anthology. In Lawson’s grim future humanity is divided into serial killers and profilers, with genetically engineered ‘Humanzees’ poised to take over after humanity’s failure. It’s self-consciously, cartoonishly, uber-violent, and narrative chunks are jammed together in ways that emphasize their incongruities, like a movie made of nothing but jump cuts. I sort of liked it, although I had to skim over some stomach-turning bits.”
-Needs More Demons or Not?

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