Most of the interviews conducted with me have disappeared over the years, but I have managed to archive a handful of them in this section. Sadly, I don’t have access to most of the print publications in which I was interviewed. It would be awesome to have that interview I did with Brazil’s biggest newspaper, but I don’t know Portuguese anyway…

Eating the Fantastic 2/15/20

Sci-Fi & Scary 11/16/19

Raw Dog Screaming Press Talks Poetry 11/10/19

Cause a Scene 10/24/18

Geek Girl Riot 10/18/18

Women in Horror 2/21/15

Surreal Surmons 11/3/14

Bizarro Across America Tour 9/5/14

Fictionaut 11/22/13

Next Faze of the Industrial Revolution 7/25/13

The Bloghole 7/23/13

GoingLIVE With FCTV 6/29/13

Tales From the Metalnomicon 6/7/13

The Sober Hockey Player 3/26/13

The Dan O’Brien Project 3/17/13

Join Me in the Madhouse 10/24/12

Next Big Thing Blog Hop 10/12/12

Black Heart Magazine 8/28/12

Cast Your Characters 4/18/12

Authors Not-So-Anonymous 3/15/12

Mad Rush 1/13/12

Dark Discussions 11/12/11

Heidi’s Pick Six 11/3/11

The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction 3/1/10

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Party Girl 7/18/09

Doorways Magazine 2007

Mutantville Players HorrorFind ’07

The Dream People 9/06

Surreal Magazine 7/05

Literary Kicks 6/8/05

Red Scream Magazine 5/05

HorrorWeb 4/24/04

Tin Lustre Mobile 11/03

L’Enfant Horrible: The Poetry of John Edward Lawson 2/17/03

The Dodsley Pages 12/01/03

Dragon Tales Newsletter 5/15/03

The Fear In Silence 3/01/03

Terror Tales Online 2/25/03

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