New poetry collections

After being part of the Western Maryland Publishing Festival yesterday I’m excited about poetry again.

My forthcoming poetry collection SuiPsalms is novel-length now. Can’t wait for that one to be out and running amok. Only a few more months…

The next collection, tentatively titled Wholesome Terror: Lawfully Combative Verse is well under way. About 40 pages into it now.

A Ghetto Stylee is pretty much done, but, meh, I dunno. For some reason can’t be bothered to pursue getting it published. The Red Wallpaper: some of the writing is complete, but I haven’t done any of the (very time consuming) graphic stuff yet.

Film adaptation of my work

“Where the Heart Isn’t” (from The Troublesome Amputee) was adapted for film earlier this year by renegade filmmaker Jayson Densman. Check out the review at Good stuff!

My New book…free of charge!

Yes, you can have a copy of my latest novel, New Mosque City, at no cost. Simply download at

Wanna know more?

Every building in New York is changing. Mutating. Becoming…mosques. Two fed-up citizens grab their guns, Bibles, and monster truck for a cross-country race to stop the invasion of the United States. Is it surrealism, or non-fiction? New Mosque City blends both with generous helpings of humor and outrage.

The Day Your Heart Stood Still…Day!

Thursday, October 14th is The Day Your Heart Stood Still…Day. RDSP author Bradley Sands needs your help to foil Betty White’s evil plot. Help him out and you could even win some prizes. All you need to do is either by My Heart Said No, But the Camera Crew Said YES! from or spread the word about the book.

You’ll find all the details here:

As always, thanks for supporting Raw Dog Screaming Press!

Bizarro Spreads to Maryland!

September 23 • 7PM
Video Plus
9925 Rhode Island Ave
College Park, MD 20740
D. Harlan Wilson & John Edward Lawson reading and signing

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