DogCon 2 Special Guest D. Harlan Wilson

D. Harlan WilsonSince he’s the author who has the most titles with RDSP we’re excited to have D. Harlan Wilson joining us for DogCon 2. He always gives an entertaining reading so we’re looking forward to see what he’ll do at Kafe Kerouac this Friday and at The Bexley Public Library on Saturday. David will also be doing a workshop titled: Desire, Morality and Arena Rock in the Publishing Industry which sounds awesome, right? He’s happy to field questions so bring your curiosity.

D. Harlan Wilson is an award-winning, critically acclaimed novelist, short story writer, editor, literary theorist, and Professor of English at Wright State University-Lake Campus. In addition to over ten works of fiction and nonfiction, hundreds of his stories and essays have appeared in magazines,


journals and anthologies throughout the world in multiple languages. Wilson is reviews editor for the academic science fiction journal Extrapolation. He is also managing editor of Guide Dog Books, the nonfiction syndicate of Raw Dog Screaming Press.

About The Kyoto Man

In the wake of the Stick Figure War, civilization lapsed into obscurity. Fallout ravaged the fabric of space and time. History digested reality and reality exhumed the future as survivors tried and failed to create a new beginning … Amid the chaos, one man experiences a terminal affliction, a revolution of the self: the chronic transformation into the city of Kyoto, Japan. Each transformation further plunges the world into darkness, but he’s helpless against the lethal clockwork of his body, his psyche, his mindscreens—and nothing, not even Fate itself, can stop him from becoming God … In the third and final installment of the Scikungfi trilogy after Dr. Identity and Codename Prague, acclaimed author D. Harlan Wilson composes a narrative grindhouse that combines elements of science fiction and horror with pop culture and literary theory. Erudite, ultraviolent, and riotously satirical, The Kyoto Man reminds us how, at every turn, reality is shaped by the forces that destroy it.

Visit the site for the book: The Kyoto Man

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DogCon 2 Special Guest Author Heidi Ruby Miller

Heidi Ruby Miller_author photoWhile DogCon 2 may mark the tenth year of Raw Dog Screaming Press, it’s even more a celebration of RDSP’s science fiction adventure imprint Dog Star Books. Now, if you ask Heidi Ruby Miller about how Dog Star came to be she will tell you a charming story about a desert as the starting point for this publishing venture, and chronologically that’s true. But if you ask me Dog Star Books really began with Heidi’s vision: for constructing the type of imprint needed in the industry, seeing the potential in authors and manuscripts that had flown under the radar of other editors, assembling an exciting team, and putting in selfless hours, weeks, and months to ensure it all came to be.  Now DogCon 2 is being held in Columbus, Ohio with events at the Thurber Center and Thurbur House, Bexley Library, Sanctuary for the Arts, and Kafe Kerouac, featuring not just the Raw Dog Screaming authors but the books and authors Heidi believed in. Read on for more about Heidi, books she has written, and this free event…

Heidi Ruby Miller uses research for her novels as an excuse to roam the globe. With degrees in Anthropology, Geography, Foreign Languages, and Writing, she knew early that penning fast-paced, exotic adventures would be her life.

She’s put her experiences and studies to paper in her far-future AMBASADORA series and into ATOMIC ZION, the beginning of her new supernatural spy series.

In between trips, Heidi teaches creative writing at Seton Hill University, where she graduated from their renowned Writing Popular Fiction Graduate Program the same month she appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. AMBASADORA was her thesis novel there, and the multi-award winning writing guide MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT, which she co-edited with Michael A. Arnzen, is based on the Seton Hill program and was named #5 in The Writer magazine’s Ten Most Terrific Writing Books of 2011.

She has had various fiction and non-fiction publications, as well as various jobs, including contract archaeologist, foreign currency exchanger at Walt Disney World, foreign language teacher, and educational marketing director for a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Currently she is an editor at Dog Star Books and writes a bi-weekly column on Inveterate Media Junkies called Heidi Ruby Miller’s Geek Girl Underground.

f6a43-greenshiftwebversionHeidi is a member of The Authors Guild, International Thriller Writers, Pennwriters, Broad Universe, SFR Brigade, and Science Fiction Poetry Association.

She’s fond of high-heeled shoes, action movies, Chanel, and tea of any sort.You can read about her books, travels, and author interviews at and tweet her @heidirubymiller.

She lives near Pittsburgh with her traveling companion and writer husband, Jason Jack Miller.

Visit her at and contact her at

About Greenshift

A tale set within the world of Ambasadora.

Mari’s rare eye color makes her a pariah within Upper Caste society, which is why she prefers plants to people…except David, the former Armadan captain who shuttles scientists around on a refurbished pleasure cruiser.

But someone else is interested in Mari and her distinctive look–an obsessed psychopath who tortures and murders women for pleasure.

When the killer chooses Mari as his next victim, the soldier inside David comes alive, but it is Mari who must fight for her own life and prove she isn’t as fragile as the flowers she nurtures.

Cover Art by Bradley Sharp

Foreword by Dana Marton

Space Opera/Science Fiction Romance paperback coming from Dog Star Books in August 2013

dogcon2tenyearGreenshift is coming soon, but you can purchase Book 1, Ambasadora, at

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DogCon 2 Special Guest Author Matt Betts

Author Matt Betts
Author Matt Betts

With just three days left until DogCon 2 let’s take a moment to focus on the star of the show: Matt Betts! The fact that DogCon 2 is being held in Columbus, Ohio is due to hometown author Betts and his desire to debut his book with friends and family. His connections on the ground really helped make everything possible. While this free event brings together artists, musicians, and authors from all over the country, literary treasures of Columbus such as the Thurber Center and Kafe Kerouac will make it a happening only Ohio could offer. For more about Matt and his debut novel from Dog Star Books, read on… 

Matt Betts was born and raised in Lima, OH and went to college in Toledo. He currently lives in Columbus with his wife Mackenzie, and their two wonderful boys. Growing up, Matt consumed vast amounts of pop culture. He read comics, watched cartoons, listened to various popular music, regularly viewed the old monster movies on weekend television and read everything he could find.

Matt went to college to study communications, specializing in broadcasting. He signed on with the campus radio station as a news anchor and reporter not long after he arrived at college – before he took his first communications class, in fact. After graduation, he worked for a number of radio stations as a DJ, a reporter and anchor. More than any other format, Matt worked at Oldies stations, which fed his love of Elvis, the Beatles and other great early rock icons.

Further feeding his love affair with pop culture, Matt also worked as a waiter in a Toledo comedy club while attending college. This allowed him to see how famous comics built and fine-tuned their acts. For comedians, like authors, the ending of a story is just as important as the beginning and vice versa. If a comic couldn’t sell the setup, the audience most likely wouldn’t stay with them for punch line. Over the course of a week, it was possible to see a comedian transform a decent joke into a better one through slightly different wording or different delivery.

Matt met and interviewed comedian and actor Larry Miller one night at the club. Larry gave some advice that stuck with Matt long after. Larry was a classically trained musician who still played regularly and when asked if it was all too much, Larry suggested that creativity is creativity. You don’t have to do just one thing. Whether you’re writing a poem or a script, that creativity feeds the other things you do. It helps you be a better actor, musician, etc. It is advice Matt has applied to his writing career from the beginning, allowing his love of pop culture to infuse and inform all of his work, including poetry, short fiction and his longer works.

Matt’s short and flash fiction has focused a lot on humor and horror. His work appears in Arkham Tales, Ethereal Tales, the Triangulation: Taking Flight anthology, Bizarro Fiction! The Journal of Experimental Fiction 37, A Thousand Faces and Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy.

Matt’s poetry has been published in numerous venues, and his poem “Godzilla’s Better Half” was nominated for a Rhysling Award, the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s highest honor. His poetry has appeared in Star*Line, Escape Clause, The Book of Tentacles, Illumen, the 2010 Rhysling Anthology, Kaleidotrope and others. One of his pieces was also mentioned in a New York Times article on zombie poetry.

Matt currently works for CGI Federal in Columbus as a writer and coordinator.

Read his blog Zombie Wrangler.

About Odd Men Out

BOOKS-oddmenoutThe Civil War has ended but not because the South surrendered, instead it’s on hold while both sides face a new enemy—the chewers, dead men who’ve come back to life. Cyrus Joseph Spencer didn’t fight in the war and couldn’t care less about the United Nations of America that resulted from it. His main concern is making money and protecting his crew from all manner of danger. But when tragedy strikes he’s forced to take shelter on board a dirigible piloted by the U.N.’s peace-keeping force. It’s soon apparent that many more dangers are lurking and Cyrus must decide whether to throw in with strangers in a desperate bid to protect the country or cast off on his own.

“It’s impossible to say this too strongly: this steampunk-horror-historical-thriller crossbreed is an amazing book. Word of mouth could turn this from an under-the-radar debut novel from a little-known imprint into a genre-busting cult classic. Get on board now.”
—David Pitt, Booklist (starred review)

“The stakes are high and the action and surprises are nonstop as Betts skillfully mixes elements of steampunk, alternate history, science fiction, and horror.”
Publishers Weekly

“A compelling story line, light humor, and a steampunk vibe make this an interesting and fun read.”
­—Library Journal

“Betts has built a vivid steampunk history of the Reconstruction, one where giant lizards and zombies roam a desolate United Nations of America.”
—Paul Melko, Award-Winning Author of The Walls of the Universe and The Broken Universe

“Matt Betts is a god of pop culture. His debut novel, Odd Men Out, is a glorious blend of everything that is right with the sci-fi genre. He manages to put together a book with shades of Firefly, Miyazaki, and Godzilla while keeping it fresh and true to his own deliciously askew voice.”
—Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Beautiful Sorrows

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A.X.E.L. Radio Interview Uploaded

A.X.E.L. host of of A.X.E.L. Radio
A.X.E.L. host of of A.X.E.L. Radio

My recent interview on A.X.E.L.’s Next Faze of the Industrial Revolution industrial music radio show has been added to the interview section…with bonus features, including original fiction! For more please visit

Mike Resnick Novel To Debut At DogCon 2

BOOKS-amiracleofraredesignWith just four days left until DogCon 2 let’s take a moment to focus on the spectacular line of books debuting there. Dog Star Books, the science fiction adventure imprint helmed by daring editor Heidi Ruby Miller, has selected DogCon 2 as ground zero.  The first three titles are being released this week, with Dog Star authors and editors taking center stage. One Dog Star author who cannot appear due to scheduling conflicts is Mike Resnick. The re-release of his acclaimed novel A Miracle of Rare Design is a pivotal part of the Dog Star launch. Come enjoy the book in person and mix with the Dog Star crew at this free event in Columbus, Ohio at Cafe Kerouac and the Thurbur Center! Now, for more about A Miracle of Rare Design and its author…

How far would you go to unlock the mysteries of an alien culture?

Journalist and adventurer Xavier William Lennox becomes obsessed with the rituals of the Fireflies, an alien culture of gold-skinned inhabitants living on the planet Medina. When he gets too close to their mysterious society, he’s captured, tortured, and banished for defying their laws, but vows to learn what the aliens are so desperate to hide, even if it means becoming one of them.

His curiosity doesn’t end there. As opportunities arise to study more alien races, Lennox takes cultural immersion to the breaking point. He not only buries himself in the language and customs of the aliens, but also undergoes severe surgeries to become one of them. Each time his humanity is stretched until he faces his biggest challenge—trying to return to the ordinary life of a man who has experienced the universe in ways he was never meant to.

What They’re Saying About A Miracle of Rare Design

“Although opening up alien worlds to human exploitation is a recurring theme in Resnick’s novels…seldom does he focus so intently on the personal cost to the individuals involved. At once a compelling sf adventure and a study of humanity’s greed for knowledge…”
Library Journal

“Resnick’s greatest strength has always been his ability to create vivid and imaginative cultures…”
Publishers Weekly

“Xavier William Lennox, daredevil writer and scholar, is fascinated by alien peoples and cultures…But with each succeeding mission and transformation…he becomes less and less human….Another low-key, thoughtful, absorbing entry from Resnick.”

About the Author

Author Mike Resnick
Author Mike Resnick

Locus, the trade journal of science fiction, keeps a list of the winners of major science fiction awards on its web page. In the short fiction category, Mike Resnick is currently the leading award winner, living or dead, in the all-time standings. When novels are added, he is fourth on the all-time list, ahead of Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Philip K. Dick.

Mike was born on March 5, 1942. He sold his first article in 1957, his first short story in 1959, and his first book in 1962. He attended the University of Chicago from 1959 through 1961, won 3 letters on the fencing team, and met and married Carol. Their daughter, Laura, was born in 1962, and has since become a writer herself, winning 2 awards for her romance novels and the 1993 Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction Writer.

Mike’s first novel in this “second career” was The Soul Eater, which was followed shortly by Birthright: The Book of Man, Walpurgis III, the 4-book Tales of the Galactic Midway series, The Branch, the 4-book Tales of the Velvet Comet series, and Adventures, all from Signet. His breakthrough novel was the international bestseller Santiago, published by Tor in 1986. The number of books he has had published, as both writer and editor, is staggering.

He has been a prolific writer of non-fiction as well. He wrote a 4-part series, “Forgotten Treasures”, to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, produced 59 installments of the how-to column, “Ask Bwana” for Speculations, has (with Barry Malzberg) produced 60 installments of “The Resnick/Malzberg Dialogues” to date for the SFWA Bulletin, wrote a bi-weekly column for the late, lamented, and will now be writing editorials and columns for Jim Baen’s Universe.

Carol has always been Mike’s uncredited collaborator on his science fiction, but in the past few years they have sold two movie scripts—Santiago and The Widowmaker, both based on Mike’s books—and Carol -is- listed as his collaborator on those. Readers of Mike’s works are aware of his fascination with Africa, and the many uses to which he has put it in his science fiction. Mike and Carol have taken numerous safaris, visiting Kenya (4 times), Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Botswana, and Uganda, and have two more planned for the next four years. Mike edited the Library of African Adventure series for St. Martin’s Press, and is currently editing The Resnick Library of African Adventure, and, with Carol as co-editor, The Resnick Library of Worldwide Adventure, for Alexander Books.

Read more about Mike at

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New Interview Videos Live

SHUGLBannerVideos from the GoingLIVE With FCTV interviews are now online! Two have been added under the interview section, the first featuring an interview with me, and the second in which I sit in on an interview with D. Harlan Wilson. For the full information, videos, and relevant links, visit

DogCon 2 Special Guest Author Stephanie Wytovich

Stephanie M. Wytovich
Author Stephanie M. Wytovich

We’re only five days out from DogCon 2! This free event brings together artists, musicians, and authors from all over the country.  Author and editor Stephanie M. Wytovich will be present not only performing readings of her work, but also leading a workshop on poetry Saturday afternoon at the Thurbur Center. Her poetry collection, Hysteria: A Collection of Madness, has just been published by Raw Dog Screaming Press. The crowd in Columbus, Ohio is in for a terrifying treat!

Stephanie M. Wytovich is an Alum of Seton Hill University where she was a double major in English Literature and Art History. Wytovich is published in over 40 literary magazines and Hysteria is her first collection. She is currently attending graduate school to pursue her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, and is working on a novel. She is the Poetry Editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press and a book reviewer for S.T. Joshi, Jason V. Brock and William F. Nolan’s Nameless Magazine. She plans to continue in academia to get her doctorate in Gothic Literature.

Hysteria cover artAbout Hysteria: A Collection of Madness

Asylums once used to confine those deemed mentally unfit linger, forgotten behind trees or urban development, beautiful yet desolate in their decay. Within them festers something far more unnerving than unlit corners or unexplained noises: the case files left to moulder out of sight, out of conscience. Stephanie M. Wytovich forces your hands upon these crumbling, warped binders and exposes your mind to every taboo misfortune experienced by the outcast, exiled, misbegotten monsters and victims who have walked among us. The poetry contained in Hysteria performs internal body modification on its readers in an unrelenting fashion, employing broad-spectrum brutality treatment that spans the physical to the societal, as noted in Stoker Award winner Michael A. Arnzen’s incisive introduction.

What they’re saying about Hysteria

“I’m a sucker for horror, crime, and madness. So when I cracked this volume of dark poetry, I felt like I’d struck the mother lode. Sometimes humorous, usually dark, often vicious, and always discomforting, this collection of poems about the inmates of an asylum will chill, disquiet, and disturb you. Many of the pieces end with a shock that made the bottom drop out of my stomach: shudder; smile; “Wow!” If you like dark little bits, this one’s for you.”
—Lee Allen Howard, author of Death Perception

“Wytovich is nothing short of stupefying in her mastery of blunt impact verse. Even those jaded to the violent extremes of despair and rage in contemporary dark literature will find Wytovich piercing deep into the dark and unmapped vulnerabilities of her readers. Hysteria is a devastating debut.”
—John Edward Lawson, author of The Troublesome Amputee and SuiPsalms

“The most riveting book of horror poetry I’ve ever read, period. This young writer captivates the mind in single word lines and strings together emotional terror in a way I’ve never experienced. Stephen King should add Hysteria to his reference library.”
—Ron Gavalik, editor of Grit City

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