Last Call For a Beach Weekend, and the Collide International Award


Join me this weekend, March 25-29, for a weekend of making your book happen. Also, if you are looking for a lot of money, three months in Geneva and Liverpool, and the chance to involve scientists in creating your work then continue reading below. First: Write at the Beach details…

Brainstorm, compose, edit, format and upload a Kindle book in just three days! You’ll need to do a little prep before this weekend but you’ll come out the other end with a completed product ready for sale. This workshop is ideal for any level of writer from unpublished to those with multiple releases. Learn speed techniques and leave your inner editor behind. You could even create a pen name and test out a new genre.

Never self-published on Kindle before? We’ll walk you through the set-up. Add optional extra writing days to fit your schedule and work on longer projects. Cost for the weekend is $350 and includes basic proofreading and cover design consultation. Details & signup here:

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COLLIDE International Award

1. Introduction

Arts@CERN has flourished since its creation in 2011, binding arts, science and technology to contribute to a fast growing knowledge-based culture. Today, we are pleased to announce the COLLIDE International Award, a major international residency programme and a new collaboration between CERN and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool).

COLLIDE International Award is a unique opportunity for artists to spend dedicated time in one of the most important laboratories in the world, where crucial questions about nature are addressed. COLLIDE aims to encourage curiosity, offering experimental and open-minded artists an extraordinary framework to inspire creativity both within the sciences and the humanities. Ultimately, COLLIDE proposes to transform the way art and science encounters are understood, and to challenge new modes of dialogue and enquiry.

As the cradle of the World Wide Web and home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN is an eminent centre of science and technology with great relevance in the culture of today. As an international centre of excellence in these fields, CERN is an inspirational place for artists, designers and creators of any kind to explore and extend their research in the fascinating world of particle physics.

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is the UK’s leading media arts centre based in Liverpool, bringing people, art and technology together. FACT harnesses the power of creative technology to inspire and enrich lives through a wide ranging programme of exhibitions, research and innovation, and community-led projects. FACTLab is FACT’s experimental laboratory, a collaborative environment for interdisciplinary practice-based research and production operating at the crossroads between art, science and technology.

2. Criteria of the call

The competition is open to artists of any nationality or age. Their  proposal  should reflect upon encounters between art and science, and offer challenging methods of collaboration  with CERN scientists. The scope of this proposal should also consider a second developmental phase at FACT, where the artists will have the opportunity to expand their research and test its applications through FACTLab’s facilities and engagement with a wide range of communities. The ultimate goal for the residency will be the research and development of new concepts in laboratory contexts.

COLLIDE Open Call for Entries encourages the participation of artists interested in the ideas described above, complying with any of the following criteria:

  • Artists interested in the cultural significance of science.
  • Artists working with digital and scientific media, technology and concepts as inspiration for their work.
  • Artists engaging with an innovative discourse on contemporary culture, following ambitious standards of creativity.
  • Artists demonstrating an active interest in the institutional visions, research methodologies, and cultural engagement of CERN and FACT.
  • Artists interested in the processes of fundamental science and particle physics who are able to extrapolate this understanding into projects of artistic excellence.
  • Artists pushing the traditional forms of collaboration between the artistic and scientific fields, and asking innovative and provocative questions in this respect.
  • Artists approaching science and research from diverse angles of enquiry, such as political, ethical, or sociological perspectives.

3. Conditions and participation

COLLIDE International Award grants an artist with a fully funded residency at CERN and FACT. The artist will spend the first two months at CERN, Geneva, followed by a one-month stay at FACT, Liverpool (not necessarily consecutively).

The award includes the following conditions:

  • 15,000 Swiss Francs as an Award.
  • Allowance for two months at CERN, Geneva and one month at FACT, Liverpool.
  • Travel costs and accommodation within a fixed budget for the three months of the artistic residency at CERN and FACT.

 The awarded artist is expected:

  • To work with a scientific partner at CERN, and with the teams of Arts@CERN and FACT during the residency, exploring ideas and research and interacting with various communities in each location.
  • To conduct interventions, talks and/or workshops during the residency, including CERN and FACT staff, as well as other relevant communities such as artists, scientists, academics.
  • To communicate the creative process and research developed during the residency through social media platforms, a blog or similar, in order to reach global audiences.
  • To meet regularly with the CERN scientific partner in order to discuss the process of artistic research, exploration and discovery, and to additionally work with other scientists.
  • During the residency at FACT, to establish conversations and explore collaborations with scientists and academics from Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University.
  • To communicate regularly with the teams at Arts@CERN and FACT to develop the proposal and ensure its satisfactory completion during the residency.

The main scientific language used at CERN and FACT is English, therefore it is essential to speak English fluently.

FACT and CERN are equal opportunity organisations and are fully committed to a policy of treating all of its collaborators equally.

4. Key dates

The deadline for applications is May 23rd, 2016.

The Jury of this edition is composed of a panel of experts including Monica Bello, Head of Arts@CERN, Geneva (Switzerland); Patrick Gyger, Director of Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (France); Tara Shears, Physicist at LHCb, CERN (Geneva) and at University of Liverpool (United Kingdom); Mike Stubbs, Director of FACT, Liverpool and Professor at Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom).

The jury board will meet in June 2016 and the results will be announced at the end of June 2016.

The decision of the jury is final and allows no further communication. The acceptance of the prize constitutes the acceptance of these conditions.

5. Submission of proposals

Artists intending to apply shall submit a proposal adhering to the criteria of the call. The proposal should describe, in detail, the project that the artist intends to undertake during the residency at CERN and FACT. The proposal should be accompanied by a filmed statement (no longer than five minutes), defending the relevance of the intended project.

All documents must be submitted in English. The jury will not review incomplete proposals.


6. Contact and information


Join Me For a Weekend at the Beach!

March 25-28 • Create a Kindle Book in a Weekend
(optional add-on writing days March 29-April 3)

JohnBio2016Brainstorm, compose, edit, format and upload a Kindle book in just three days! You’ll need to do a little prep before this weekend but you’ll come out the other end with a completed product ready for sale.  This workshop is ideal for any level of writer from unpublished to those with multiple releases. Learn speed techniques and leave your inner editor behind. Never self-published on Kindle before? We’ll walk you through the set-up. Add optional extra writing days to fit your schedule and work on longer projects. Cost for the weekend is $350 and includes basic proofreading and cover design consultation, add-on days are $65 per night. Share a room and get $75 back (Email us for details on shared rooms). Hosted by John Edward Lawson.

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An Exorcism of Angels Cover Reveal

Cover artSteven Archer’s cover for An Exorcism of Angels

Today we’re revealing the cover and launching pre-orders for An Exorcism of Angels, the latest poetry collection by Stephanie Wytovich.

Because she feels writing this book saved her life Stephanie has pledged to donate $1 out of every pre-order to SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.

**Pre-order the paperback on 4/23 and receive a $2 discount**

Pre-order the Kindle ebook

About the Artist

Steven Archer is an artist and musician living near Baltimore, MD. When not recording, DJing, or producing art, he and his wife, author Donna Lynch, tour with their dark electronic rock band Ego Likeness. He has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC and has shown his work at galleries and other venues throughout the east coast. His work has also been shown internationally in the form of album art and magazine illustrations. He has designed many covers and interior illustrations for Raw Dog Screaming Press as well as written and illustrated an children’s book, Luna Maris, released through their imprint Imaginary Books.
For more information about Ego Likeness, please visit Steven’s solo electronic projects can be found at and
Book Description

Love is an exorcism of angels…

Heaven and Hell are not places, nor times, but rather shared experiences. It’s a love whether dark or light, a passion whether of pleasure or pain, and there’s a beauty to the ugliness, a smile hidden amongst the tears. Heaven is often defined as paradise; Hell as damnation. The two, while opposites, more often than not, end up being one in the same, especially when it comes to falling in love.

So what happens when our Heaven falls in love with our Hell? When the very person who brings us every happiness and every joy, stabs and beats at our hearts, bruising our fantasy of ‘happily ever after,’ of ‘till death do us part?’ What happens when we can’t walk away because the pain of love is better than no love at all? When we’d rather die every death again and again, than spend one moment away from our heart’s true content? Wytovich plays Virgil in a collection of celestial horror that challenges the definition of angels and demons, of love and hate. She weaves through tales of heartbreak and sorrow, through poems depicting lust and greed, as her words prove testament that Heaven and Hell can be one in the same, a paradise and an inferno. Her women, some innocent, some not, walk through the circles, fall off of clouds, deny their wings, and expose their hearts to demons and devils, to imps and to fiends. They turn their backs on everything they know, question their morals and their faith, all in the name of love, and together, the good help the bad, and the bad, help the good, as not every angel has wings just as not every demon has claws.

Wytovich shows us that love isn’t always the saving grace that we expect it to be. To her, there is no balance of darkness to light, no line between what one desires and what one gets. There’s no choosing who we fall in love with, and just as love is often Heaven, it can just as easily be Hell.


“Fall into a world where the angels themselves love, but the demonic will love you with more teeth. These are beautifully twisted poems of madness…”
–Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Pretty Little Dead Girls

“Stephanie M. Wytovich lays bare the darkest yearnings of the human – and inhuman – heart with scalpel-like precision. These are  poems forged in hellfire and cooled by a dead lover’s kiss.”
–Tim Waggoner, author of The Way of All Flesh and Eat the Night

“…fascinates, disturbs and amazes in the manner of a dream that can’t decide between nightmare and heartbreak. In the end, the reader is left with broken wings, withdrawal symptoms, and beautiful, passionate poetry.”
–Peter Salomon, author of Prophets

“There is a lyrical beauty and a haunting, melancholy cadence to Wytovich’s work that is utterly irresistible.…Herein lies a world of pain, and it’s deliciously good.”
–Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Kin and The Turtle Boy

“In the shadows of desire, hope becomes poison, and aching hearts are transformed by Wytovich’s unlimited imagination. Angels and demons dance on the infinite tip of this masterful collection. An Exorcism of Angels turns the pain of shattered love into mesmerizing music.”
—Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend

“Wytovich’s words weave passages of pain and despair through haunting imagery and astute self-reflection.”
—Sèphera Girón author of Experiments in Terror

“…a voice certain to leave the reader both shaken and stirred.”
—Lawrence C. Connolly, author of Veins

About the Author

Stephanie M. Wytovich is the Poetry Editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press, a book reviewer for Nameless Magazine, and a well-known coffee addict. She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and a graduate from Seton Hill University’s MFA program for Writing Popular Fiction. Her Bram Stoker Award nominated poetry collections HYSTERIA: A Collection of Madness and Mourning Jewelry can be found at, and Wytovich’s debut novel, The Eighth, is due out in 2015 from Dark Regions Press. Follow her at and on twitter @JustAfterSunset.

Get Spicy With Me For Only $2

ParamournCoverTempting Disaster cover

You read that headline correctly. My offerings for adult audiences are on sale at a steep discount for the next eight days. Today and tomorrow you can purchase both Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances and the Tempting Disaster anthology for just $0.99 each! After that the price will go up by a dollar for two days, then two days later another dollar, and so on. If you have have a hankering for sci-fi, bizarro, fantasy-based, hilarious, or horrific erotica give these Kindle editions a try.

About Paramourn

Why are bad choices so tempting? This short story collection explores the dark side of romance, twisting through bizarro alleyways and diving into the dumpsters of horror, science fiction, and fantasy in search of the answer. Although 23 of the stories within were previously published the remainder were deemed too literary for erotic publications, and too erotic for release elsewhere.

Read a full length sample story free of charge at

Purchase at

About Tempting Disaster

This anthology from the fringe examines our culture’s obsession with taboos and the added temptation that forbidden pleasures bring. Warnings of danger and peril only heighten our desire for those things we have been told are bad, wrong and have been warned against doing.

Postmodernists and surrealists come together in these pages with renegade horror and science-fiction authors to re-envision what is “acceptable.” By turns humorous and horrific then shocking and alluring, the authors dissect those very impulses we deny in our everyday lives.

While navigating the minefield of gender relations and plotting explorations into the landscape of the other, this volume is all-inclusive in scope. It allows for every lifestyle and viewpoint, no matter how unlikely or bizarre. This literary experiment on human desire opens up many possibilities including the chance that the ultimate disaster might very well prove to be the most compelling temptation.

Simon Logan’s story “Surgery” received an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2005.

Table of Contents:

Junkyard Fetish • Darren Speegle
Broken By Love • Mark Howard Jones
Painstation • Ronald Damien Malfi
The Wound • Brandi Bell
The Agent • Michael Hemmingson
Andrea Gives Good Head • Wendy Brewer
N is For… • J.M. Heluk
The Doll, or: What the Dead Think About at the Very End of the World • Lance Olsen
Lesbian Whores of Broadway • Craig Snyder
Self Service • Jessica Markowicz
An X-Less Story • Perry McGee
Why Don’t We Do It in the Road • John Edward Lawson
Christina Aguilera Ate My Left Testicle • Clint Venezuela
The Hotel Detective • Alec S. Scott
Eat Me, Drink Me • Alyssa Sturgill
Whisper • Michael Amorel
Shadows • Vincent W. Sakowski
Sam Thompson in Love • J. Scott Malby
Revenge of the Living Masturbation Rag • Kevin L. Donihe
Heaven • Christian Westerlund
Surgery • Simon Logan
Black Wings • Jeffrey Thomas
God on Television • Carlton Mellick III
The Unauthorized Woman • Efrem Emerson

What They’re Saying About Tempting Disaster:

Tempting Disaster is a multi-faceted collection of love, lust, and loathing. If you can’t take the heat of this puppy, than you may as well curl up with a blanket and suck your thumb, cause baby, this is going to leave a mark…. There are plenty of goodies to get you off and repulsed at the same time, so make sure to savor each and every one. Tempting Disaster leaves an impression without making you feel cheap and used. Well, used at least. I highly recommend it.”
Gothic Review

Purchase at

Mickey Z. Featured at Huffington Post

Mickey Z raises his fist
Photo by Nancy A. Ruhling

The day in, day out grind of fighting for what you believe in can be filled with victories, large and small, but they largely go unrecognized. Meanwhile the energy required to persevere through all of the struggle’s unforeseen challenges can leave you exhausted and questioning if you will continue.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that I mention one of the authors I’ve been lucky enough to work with. His name is Mickey Z., and we have published two of his books, although his real body of work is to be found in his activism. Huffington Post recognizes this, and has run a feature on Mickey at Please take a moment to read what they have to say about his grassroots work.

Despite his serious subject matter I’ve always found Mickey mixes levity with his entertaining, unorthodox approach to the real-world horrors we live with. CPR For Dummies, the first tile we released from Mickey, is currently on sale at a steep discount in Kindle format. His followup Darker Shade of Green is a quick read, and you can own the two of them for the cost of a large name brand coffee.

To keep up with Mickey’s photography, poetry, and calls to action check out his official web presence at

Paramourn Has Been Published!


Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances was published recently in Kindle format. Paramourn is a collection of bizarro, horrible, and funny erotic short fiction. While half of the book was previously published in anthologies and magazines the other half proved to be a bit too much for the publishers out there. For a sample you can read a free story on the Paramourn page here at my site, or you can read first 15 pages through Amazon’s Look Inside the Book feature.

So, what exactly is this collection? It’s full of hyper-heterosexual, hyper-genderqueer, paranormal, literary, surreal novelettes, short stories, and flash fiction. One story was published in the legendary Cthulhu Sex Magazine, while others appeared in Amoret, (the old one), Crown of Bones, and RAW: Brutality as Art. In other words the stories are up to a dozen years old. They were fun to write, and ended up being some of my most abnormal work to date. Your Halloween goody bag won’t be complete without this one!

Take a look at Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances on Amazon.

New for Kindle – Driving Through the Desert


Donna Lynch’s riveting novella, Driving Through the Desert, returns to ebook format from Raw Dog Screaming Press.

In the aftermath of a violent occurrence, a young girl named Kam and her friend Henry flee through the Nevada desert in a stolen car, desperate to reach the coast, only to find that the terror, sorrow, and pain they’ve attempted to leave behind has traveled with them, twisting their realities until they are lost in a place far worse than the cold, isolated desert.

Also includes the short stories “Mining Medusa” and “Trigger.”

With stunning art by Steven Archer of Ego Likeness fame, the book is available in Kindle format at

RDSP Titles New to Kindle

Five classic titles from RDSP are now available in Kindle format. If you purchased print copies through Amazon you can download the ebook for free through their Matchbook program.

15 Serial Killers
Harold Jaffe

And Your Point Is?
Steve Aylett

Blankety Blank
D. Harlan Wilson

Scott Thomas

Worse Than Myself
Adam Golaski

The Complete Biographizer Trilogy – Kindle Discount


Get all three books from D. Harlan Wilson’s Biographizer Trilogy for 1/3 off—Hitler: The Terminal Biography, Freud: The Penultimate Biography & Douglass: The Lost Autobiography. Available in Kindle format only!

“This is metafiction at its purest, self-aware to the point of psychosis. Accompanying Wilson on the journey of discovering exactly what these books are is a provocative adventure…”—Bookriot

“…wonderful, witty, and wildly entertaining…all about fiction, nonfiction, anti-fiction, outré-fiction, cryo-fiction, and superzero-fiction.” —Gabino Iglesias for Verbicide

Purchase now at

Westermead Now Available In Kindle

westermeadAfter spending years as a Nook exclusive, Westermead by Scott Thomas is finally available in Kindle format. If you previously purchased this title in hardcover or paperback through Amazon you can download the Kindle edition for FREE through their Matchbook program! Or, if you’d like a sample, just go to the Amazon listing and click on “Look Inside.” Currently ranked on both the Folklore and Mythology bestseller lists at Amazon, see what Westermead is all about:

“The rushes rasp in ghost-fed breezes as seed-hungry finches chance the thistle’s fangs. The bracken has gone gold and brown, the brambles heavy with plump berries. The days, warm as brewed barley, are etched with frost beneath a rusty moon. Eerie effigies are set about to honor the dead, whom, as the year decays, are wont to roam the countryside.”

The ways of old merge with the magical and fantastic in this wondrous world. Experience Westermead’s thaw and awakening season by season, the lush heat of summer’s passion and the retreat into winter’s desolate embrace. Come celebrate and mourn with the people of Westermead as they make their way through a world steeped both in beauty and dread.

More than just a collection of tales, Westermead brings to life an enchanted country where the supernatural is as natural as the sunrise. Follow the intrepid documentarians, Purdy and Beech, on their hunt for the fearsome Frost Mare. Learn the secret of the stranger whose life little Melly saved in Four Bronze Sisters. Face The Mask of Black Tears alongside Mullein Wick while he fights for his sister’s release from servitude.

This new mythology is ripe with unique characters, spiced with folkways and mixed throughout with a deep respect for all things natural. Given storytelling this vibrant, it is both easy and thrilling to get lost in Thomas’ unique landscape.

The story “Four Bronze Sisters” from Westermead received an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2005.

More is available at