How to Get Published: Why Submissions Aren’t the Only Important Step

Over the years we’ve evaluated thousands of manuscripts in our various editorial endeavors, from The Dream People magazine to numerous anthologies and our publishing imprints. One thing we realized is that as editors you are never merely signed an author, you are entering into a business partnership.

We also learned the hard way that when investing a book it’s best to meet the author first. That way we ensure everybody is on the same page, so to speak, concerning the publishing process. We also make sure there’s no issue with personality conflicts, or any other potential problems.

Likewise, we feel it’s a good thing for authors to vet any publisher they might work with, and do so by meeting them in person. Second-hand accounts are great, but you know best what you want and need. If something doesn’t click with the publisher you’re better off knowing prior to being locked into a multi-year deal.

One function our yearly DogCon event serves is to provide a platform for authors to meet us. There’s still time to get tickets and join us. Of course, if you can’t make it to the Broadkill Resort you can join us for the highlights online free of charge.

You don’t absolutely have to attend DogCon5 in order to get to know us…instead you could be patient and come to one of our workshops, but they have a higher price tag.

KW Taylor came to our second Bourbon Ridge retreat, during which she had a sit down with us to discuss her writing. The result? A year later we published her novel The Curiosity Killers.

Jessica McHugh was awarded the scholarship to attend our first Bourbon Ridge retreat after we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign. The result? Next year her novel Nightly Owl, Fatal Raven will be published by Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Jim and Janice Leach also attended our first Bourbon Ridge retreat, and their collaborative poetry collection all soon be published by us.

We’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with many others at our events, many of whom we’d like to work with at some point. Some we don’t, and others still are uninterested in working with us. Not everything is about signing contracts—there is such a thing as just having a good time.

horror-workshop-skyscraperMaria Alexander? She was one of those people we just hung out with back in the early 2000s. Over a decade later her debut novel Mr. Wicker came our way, and when we published it she won the Bram Stoker Award.

Lucy A. Snyder? She was somebody who happened to be at a bookstore where we were doing an event. She asked if she could read as part of our lineup, we said yes, things were cool. Years later she put together her collection Soft Apocalypses, which won a Stoker Award when published by us.

You never know where just being cool and hanging out will lead.

The next similar opportunity is our From Concept to Market: Create a Horror Book in One Week workshop in November. While it is an online workshop, the best way to take full advantage of getting to know us is in person by reserving your room with the on-site upgrade.

What is included? You learn the secrets of the most prolific writers, editors, graphic designers, and publicists in this week-long workshop. From coming up with your idea, writing and editing, to cover design, interior layout, uploading your files, and executing your PR plan, we guide you step-by-step through the process.

This workshop has a total value of $1,356.68…but you get $774.68 in value free when you act now! We hope to get to know you better in the Create a Horror Book in a Week workshop.

Till Lindemann Joins Raw Dog Screaming

Till Lindemann author photoIf you are signed up to receive the Raw Dog Screaming Press newsletter you heard last week that we are publishing On Quiet Nights by internationally renowned writer and performer Till Lindemann. This is our first translation, and Lindemann’s second book of poetry originally published in German. He and his team have been great to work with, as has translator Ehren Fordyce–whose painstaking efforts went above and beyond expectation. If you are familiar with Lindemann’s work as a lyricist for Rammstein and his dramatic theatrical sense in the live arena, you are aware of his unique approach to creative endeavors.

This will be a major release, but even so every author and publishing house rely on preorders. It would be incredible if we could generate enough pre-release sales to finance bringing Lindemann over for events here in the United States. Our DogCon event is coming up around Halloween, and we’re hoping to make it a big one, so who knows? In the meantime every little bit helps. Please consider ordering the book or sharing the preorder page with your friends at For more information about On Quiet Nights read below:

Coming May 2015

On Quite Nights book cover

There’s a place inside us that is cloaked in darkness, rubbed raw with silence. It’s a shadow wrapped in a shadow and it screams, but it screams in harsh whispers. This collection explores the blackness within, the gritty underground that hides inside memories and cowers just outside fear. The poems, paired with illustrations from Matthias Matthies work in sync to create a collage of blunt sexuality, masochistic, and sometimes sadistic recollections of love, reflection, and self-exploration.

Lindemann paints pictures with his poems, a slave to the vulnerability and sexuality that drives mankind. His words themselves are body modifications that settle on readers, piercing then slowly penetrating and pumping his audience full with a mix of pleasure and pain. A combination of longing, emotional depth, and bestial intuition, these pieces evoke an innate nature to seek pleasure, to ask for forgiveness, to instill blame.

On Quiet Nights pulls back the curtains at night and asks readers to think about who they are. Lindemann holds a mirror to soul, capturing desire and need, with the courage to answer some of life’s biggest questions: Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

What Are They Saying About On Quiet Nights

“Dripping with contempt, sex, disdain, violence, and melancholic love, Till Lindemann’s poems reveal his vulnerability as much as his vulgarity; his dark humor alongside slivers of heartache. The chaotic energy one might recognize from his music is captured and bound here in simple verses, rhymes—never lost in translation—and perfectly accompanied by Matthias Matthies’ lustful, nightmarish illustrations.”
—Donna Lynch, author of Red Horses and Isabel Burning

“Lindemann writes with a vulnerable sense of awareness as he crafts a collection that is slave to sexuality, reflection, and the exploration of the trinity of man: body, mind, and soul. His poems are puncture wounds, extractions of arousal, despair, and unspoken fantasies, all tied together in a darkly erotic package that questions sanity and answers with madness. I simply can’t recommend it enough.”
–Stephanie M. Wytovich, Bram Stoker award-nominated poet of Hysteria: A Collection of Madness

“Wry and rude, disturbing and droll, schneidend und schonungslos, Till Lindemann’s On Quiet Nights is no tome of quiet reflections. Admirers of the Rammstein frontman’s cynically humorous and gleefully raunchy lyrics will find those qualities in concentrate in these verses drawn straight from his darkly playful id. Lindemann pours blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids into these lines, his yarns of lust, abuse and heartbreak brought to life by Matthias Matthies’s equally twisted illustrations. And yet, ever the trickster, Lindemann sows moments of beauty through the flood of sins, surprise gems like ‘So beautiful’ and ‘Silhouettes’ ensuring readers will never be able to predict what the next page brings.”
—Mike Allen, author of Hungry Constellations, three-time Rhysling Award winner

Small Press Month

logo2Did you know that March is officially Small Press Month? Raw Dog Screaming Press has been celebrating by publishing spotlights on various indie publishers over at the RDSP blog. Thus far we have featured eight different publishers spanning many genres and styles. More are on the way!

Until the next update why not read up on what is happening in the publishing scene with these fine companies:

Anti-Oedipus Press

Apex Publications

Atticus Books

Despumation Press

Down & Out Books

Fiction Collective 2

Rooster Republic Press

Valancourt Books

Women in Horror Success, the First of Many…

WomenInHorrorDetailsThank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Google+ On Air Hangout hosted by Raw Dog Screaming Press! We had a wonderful time, and the audience questions kept us on our toes. In fact, the reception online has been so strong that we plan to continue with a series of author interviews, panels, readings, lectures, and more via the On Air Hangout format. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime you can watch our Women in Horror panel in its entirety at the Raw Dog Screaming Press Youtube channel, or using the link embedded below. I filled in for a participant who was unable to attend due to technical difficulties. Naturally, as the sole dudebro in the mix, I was the only one unprofessional enough to be caught stammering, “Uh, sorry, what was the question?” Regardless, there were plenty of insightful moments throughout, and it was an honor to join Jennifer C. Barnes, Jessica McHugh, Damien Angelica Walters, and Deena Warner for this event.

Bourbon Ridge Writing Retreat: the Official RDSP Report

RDSPretreatgroupThe Raw Dog Screaming Press events page has been updated with a full report. Read it at and be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s retreat, which promises to be even bigger and better!

Pictured from left to right are Emory B. Pueschel, Gary A. Braunbeck, John Edward Lawson, Janet Harriet, Sarah Hans, Jennifer Barnes, Kealan Patrick Burke, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Lucy A. Snider, Jessica McHugh, Jim Leach, and Janice Leach. Participant Matt Betts was on the run from authorities and/or recruited to deal with a new kaiju threat, rendering him incapable of participating in the group photo.

RDSP Writers Retreat: The Daily Nightmare Report

Sunset-at-RDSP-Retreat-1024x469The Raw Dog Screaming Press Writers Retreat may be over, but the awesomeness is still being felt. We were the luckiest hosts around to have such a great crew assembled all in one place. One of the many great experiences afforded us by organizing this retreat was the opportunity to meet the Leaches. They are not only talented writers with impressive skills in other areas–including but not limited to home brewed mead and operating Why Not Pie–they are fantastic people as well. Judging by the above photo of Bourbon Ridge they aren’t slackers in the photography department either!

Please take a few minutes to read the comprehensive retreat report they wrote for The Daily Nightmare at

Matthew Warner Wins Playwright Competition


Congratulations to Raw Dog Screaming Press author Matthew Warner whose play, “Chess is Blind,” was performed during Stage Door Productions 7th Annual Original 1-Act Play Festival and voted #1 by the audience!

More details here.

Publishing Merger Announced!




Raw Dog Screaming Press has acquired worldwide rights to publish all future and backlist titles from Anti-Oedipus Press under the imprint of the same name, effective immediately.

Dedicated to publishing high-quality fiction and nonfiction, Anti-Oedipus Press was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2013 by novelist, editor and English professor D. Harlan Wilson, who has described the mission of A-OP as follows:

“Anti-Oedipus Press is a publisher of literary ‘schiz-flows’ that aspire to chart new boundaries in narrative and theory. Taking our cue from the poststructuralist writings of Deleuze and Guattari, A-OP publishes authors who write to the Nth power, making rhizomes instead of roots and sculpting innovative bodies without organs in the form of fiction, nonfiction, literary criticism, cultural studies and pop philosophy.” A-OP joins two other imprints under the RDSP fold: Guide Dog Books, which specializes in “nonfiction with incisors,” and Dog Star Books, which specializes in “science fiction that goes for the throat.” RDSP itself will continue to focus on “fiction that foams at the mouth,” releasing cross-genre works from the literary fringe.

A-OP’s most recent titles include a work of critical theory on the James Bond oeuvre by esteemed Sigmund Freud Professor of Media and Philosophy Laurence A. Rickels, a reprint of SF legend Barry Malzberg’s novel Galaxies, a reprint of best-selling SF author Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel A Short, Sharp Shock, a critifictional travel narrative by American postmodern writer and theorist Lance Olsen, and a collection of docufiction by “guerrilla writer” Harold Jaffe.

RDSP will sell and market A-OP titles through Ingram and our usual sales channels throughout the rest of the world.

D. Harlan Wilson, who is also the managing editor of Guide Dog Books, will continue to function as editor-in-chief of A-OP. Along with his team, he will prepare manuscripts for publication and work with RDSP and A-OP editors and authors.

Reader’s Choice Award

RDSP Reader's Choice Award

We need your help!

We are launching a Reader’s Choice Award for RDSP titles first published in 2013 (excludes reprints) but we need to narrow down the field. Help us by choosing up to 3 books that you think should be consider for the award.

This round of voting will narrow the field down to 8 titles. A team of readers will then evaluate those to get to the final 3. Celebrity judges will pick the winner.

In this initial poll anyone can vote and choose up to three books. You can only vote once. Thanks for your participation!

Please vote at

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