Cowwarr Art Space Artist in Residency

The Artist-in-Residence Program is an integral part of life at Cowwarr Art Space. The owners and co-directors Carolyn Crossley and sculptor Clive Murray-White live in a portion of the Art Space and warmly welcome the broadest range of arts practice, related disciplines and nationalities to the Space.

As members of Resartis, the Cowwarr Art Space follows the principle of offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of everyday life framed within a unique geographic and cultural context. The program encompass regional based, urban, national and international artists.

The Faculty of VCA & MCM Melbourne University. We are very excited with our new alliance with The Melbourne University.  After discussion with Brian Long, Project Manager, Professional Partnerships, The Cowwarr Art Space Residency Retreat has come into being with the support of the Regional Training and Engagement Fund  (RTEF).  It provides selected students and graduates from the Faculty of The VCA  the opportunity to participate in our residency program. This has add great depth to our program and is of great value to all our other residents.
Aberdeen City Council associated with the Diamond Jubilee Commonwealth Travel Bursary to assist young and emerging artists to participate in residencies in Commonwealth Country’s.  We are very pleased to be a Delivery Partner in this program and look forward to the chance to offer a unique experience for a young artist.

Cowwarr Art Space is a unique regional contemporary arts venue, that has been operating since 1993 in a restored heritage industrial Butter Factory C.1918 situated on the outskirts of Cowwarr, a small rural community in Victoria, Australia. Cowwarr has a small general store, Catholic Church, primary school and pub.  The Art Space provides the perfect creative haven for artists wanting to get away from it all and make new work in a self-directed residency, focused individual project or in collaboration. The country location between Traralgon and Maffra in the rich farming country with a backdrop of the Victorian Alps lends itself to a calm reflective experience.

Accommodation is available for artists for either long term or short term residencies, depending on availability. The options are four work/live studio apartments; the Garden Studio, Balcony Studio, Butter Room and the Janina Suite. The studio flats live/work spaces are self contained and fully furnished with cooking facilities, bedding and towels.  Free WI-FI and TV’s available in all studios. Laundry and some bathroom facilities are shared. All visiting artists need to provide food, transport and art materials for themselves and are expected to leave the studios clean and tidy.

Public transport train travel between Melbourne and Traralgon every hour most days.  (Limited bus connections to Cowwarr use Traralgon as the destination for more travel options)  We can meet train connections in the Art Space van when prearranged.  Shopping/provisioning trips can also be arranged.

Gippsland public transport time tables for trains and buses Vline

Gippsland Adventure link to Tourism Information


  • We cannot offer support for artists (visas, travel, accommodation, living or production costs)
  • The exception being Candidates eligible for the above Residency Partnership Programs
  • We can supply letters of support for applications to funding organisations for the residency


  • Weekly accommodation: from $200/week (single and couples)
  • Less than a week: $100/night including breakfast (minimum charge single and couples)


  • Visit our AIR Blog to get a feel for the program
  • Check available dates on the Residency Calendar  if a studio is listed in the calendar it is occupied
  • Check out the Studios 
  • Email for further information


  • Tell us why you want to undertake a residency and what you hope to accomplish
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork (send images jpg or web links)
  • Please indicate which studio you prefer (allocation depends on availability)
  • Provide us with your preferred dates (allocation depends on availability)
  • Complete contact information, including address, email and phone numbers

Caetani Cultural Centre Artist Residencies

2015 & 2016 SELF DIRECTED RESIDENCIES for Artists, writers, curators, cultural researchers, musicians and performers.

Apply online

The Caetani Cultural Centre offers artists and writers creative living and working spaces in an independent  community atmosphere for self-directed residencies, providing time, support and room for creativity, at affordable rates.

Open to emerging and established visual artists in any medium. Writers, musicians, curators, cultural researchers, musicians and performing artists are also welcome and encouraged to apply.

Self-directed residencies are of varying lengths of time, from 2 weeks to 6 months, to suit the individual needs of the applicant. Please specify the preferred time period for the residency and length of stay for project in your application form. The Self-Directed Residencies are not sponsored or themed.

Unless otherwise indicated, applicants are suggested to apply at least 3 months prior to the required time period. All applications are adjudicated by a professional adjudication panel.

The Self-Directed Residencies are not sponsored or themed, and fees are based and pro-rated on length of stay. Artists are expected to provide their own food, materials and transportation.

Please note: There is limited access to equipment. If you have special equipment needs you should contact the Centre to ensure that this program is suitable for your expectations.


All fees are in Canadian funds, and pro-rated on the length of stay.

AIR Program fees include private studio space and private bedroom, with shared common areas: kitchen, bath and common areas).

  • 3 Private bedrooms are available (each with queen-sized bed, dresser and desk with chair).
  • Double occupancy can be considered
  • Additional nights/weeks are pro-rated @ the nightly rate.

Please note:

  • The fee does not include travel expenses, food, health insurance, art materials, shipping, exhibition costs, or other personal expenses.
  • Most participants apply for grants to institutions, foundations, universities, government agencies, etc. in their country/province of origin to assist with funding.
  • Pricing is tiered based on the length of the residency and the specific needs of the proposed project.
  • The Caetani Centre does not provide daily cleaning of the studios or rooms, or daily meals. Residents are expected to maintain their studio spaces and rooms, shared common areas of the kitchen, bathroom and other common areas in a clean, tidy and orderly manner, with respect for the other residents using the space.

Shared Residential Accommodation:
1. Caetani Suite – 19’ x 14’-2”, (5.8 m x 4.3 m)
(Writer’s Live/Work space, or Visual Artist paired with Ninfa Studio)
$20/night ($600/month)
Includes writer’s/researchers workspace within the large room. For visual artists, on-site studio space may be available in the Port studio. Off-site studio spaces may be available for ceramic artists through the Vernon Community Arts Centre, or other visual artists through the Fresh! AiR program at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, the Science Centre, or other community organizations. Please contact the Caetani Centre if you require special facilities or are interested in partnering with a local organization.

  1. Sermoneta Room – (currently paired with Ninfa Studio) – 12’-4” x 9’ (3.75 m x 2.75 m)
    $15/night, ($450/month)
  1. Fogliano Room – (currently writer’s/researchers space only) – 9’-9” x 9”-8” (2.97m x 2.97m)
    $10/night, ($300/month)
  • Shared 4 piece full bathroom
  • Shared kitchen/eating area.
  • Shared communal gathering space in the Library
  • One parking space onsite
  • Bed linens, towels, and cleaning supplies are provided by the Centre.
  • Coin operated laundry onsite
  • Access to Internet, and Library
  • Artists are responsible for their own travel, health insurance, food requirements, materials, equipment, and should have their own transportation.

Studio Space: Modest studio workspaces located on the Centre grounds are included in the overall fees.

Approximate Studio Measurements:

  • Ninfa Studio: Footprint: approximately 12’ x 14’ (3.7 m x 4.3 m)
    • Ceiling Height: approximately 8’ (2.44 m)
  • Coming in 2016 – Port Studio: Footprint: approximately 12.5’ x 17’ (3.8 m x 5 m)
    • Ceiling Height: approximately 9’ (2.7 m)
  • Access to Internet
  • Tub sink, access to water and washrooms.

Please note: There is limited access to equipment. If you have special equipment needs you should contact the Centre to ensure that this program is suitable for your expectations prior to making application.

The Caetani Cultural Centre will assist in facilitating workshops, receptions, and public programming based around the participating artist’s work.

Artists-in-Residence are requested to leave a piece of art in the community, if possible.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy
Upon acceptance into the program, the successful applicant will be asked to submit a deposit of 50% of the total cost of their residency in order to secure their place in the program. This will be billed through secure Paypal and payable in Canadian Funds. Please contact the Centre to make alternate arrangements, if required.

The remaining fee is payable one month prior to the scheduled residency start date.

In the event of cancellation after committing to the accepted program, the Caetani Cultural Centre reserves the right to retain up to and including the full 50% amount on deposit. The Centre will make every effort to find a substitute artist to take the place of the accepted artist in the event of cancellation. A minimum $50 processing fee will be retained if another artist agrees to take your place.

Open to all emerging and established artists in any medium, writers, cultural researchers, musicians, performers, and other creative individuals.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Self-Directed Residency applications are ongoing.
It is recommended that you make your application at least 3 months prior to the date that you wish to attend.

Selection of Applicants
A selection committee composed of arts professionals will review and select candidates for the program.

Application Process:

Apply Online

Please contact the Caetani Cultural Centre if you experience any difficulty.

Why Outreach Becomes Surrender (From The Crumbling Mansions)

Originally posted on stephanheard:

I can’t believe this happened …

Today, I would like to talk about an incident I had while doing outreach work for the homeless (that is, giving out food, water, hygiene kits, and other essentials).

I’m going to describe why outreach becomes surrender.

Everything was going well. We were passing out the food to people in need (burritos with tin foil covering them, to keep them hot), and getting to know the homeless folk. We were being kind, considerate, compassionate. We were distributing our resources and the resources of others, as well as spending our own time.

In other words: we were making the attempt to reach out to others. We were attempting to help those in need.

And then, suddenly, all of that changed.

The groups (which were supposed to be separate but started to unwittingly congregate …) started to cluster, causing a kind of traffic jam.

I was…

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Vees are Vacating! Important Announcement


For the Empire Avenue users out there….

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Starting today, we will begin the transition towards one single virtual currency on Empire Avenue/Empire.Kred. Vees was introduced as a points system for you to exchange towards Amazon and other Gift Cards. As we move towards a simpler and even more global and exciting Empire.Kred, we want to move to a single currency. To that effect we will be retiring Vees.

As an exciting option in phasing out Vees, we are launching a program to donate your Vees towards fighting cancer. For every 150V donated through our Shop page, we will donate $1 to the World Cancer Research Fund. Our goal is to reach $1000 or 150,000V, but if we surpass this goal we will consider donating more!

Donate Vees to Cancer

Between now and August 20th, 2015, you will be able to exchange your Vees to Amazon Gift Cards as usual. After August 20th, 2015, the option to redeem Vees for Gift…

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maumau Writer-in-Residence Program


maumau artist-in-residence program mainly aims to create an artistic environment in which allows them having the experience of working together with other residents from different artistic domains.

The apartment in which maumau programs are located, is designed to accommodate and provide space for production for artists, writers, curators and researchers both local and international artists can apply for a residency.

Possibility of final show and presentation
Accomodation Information

The sözcük apartment, where the maumau art residency is based, contains five floors; three renovated and two new-constructed ones. Available for resident: Private bedroom or a live-work space, shared bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

Artists might visit with their partners, family, etc. (Please check the information document on the webpage if you wish to visit with your partner, etc.)

Studio Information

Shared studio or a live-work space

Technical Information

Wireless internet and library


maumau art residency is located at the center of culture and art scene of Istanbul. On the back streets of beyoglu, there lies the cukurcuma area known to locals; the residency is placed on the aga hamami street.


The program aims to create an atmosphere for writers in which they can work isolated from everyday life while experiencing the inspiring nature of istanbul. please check the information document before you submit your application form to with a topic “writer-in-residence program”.

information document


upcoming deadlines:

12th of december, 2015 – 22nd of january, 2016 / application deadline: 12th of august, 2015

27th of january – 8th of march, 2016 / application deadline: 27th of july, 2015

10th of march – 20th of april, 2016 / application deadline: 10th of september, 2015

22nd of april – 2nd of june, 2016 / application deadline: 22nd of october, 2015

10th of june – 21st of july, 2016 / application deadline: 10th of december, 2015

23rd of july – 2nd of september, 2016 / application deadline: 23rd of january, 2016

click to apply

information document


English, Turkish




6 weeks

Paid by host
  • Support for a potential participation in local events, workshops or exhibitions.
  • Living space, basic tools and equipment, exhibition space, library
Paid by artist 
Fees vary depending on the program. Applicants are responsible for the transportation costs including the travel to Istanbul, around the city, also the funding for their project and daily expenses such as food and medical care.
Application guidelines 

One can apply to maumau artist-in-residence program, maumau writers-in-residence program or maumau self-directed residency. Please follow the links to know how to apply for each programme.

Self-directed residency applications are accepted year-round – please apply at least one month prior your wished arrival date.
Fees vary depending on the program. Applicants are responsible for the transportation costs including the travel to Istanbul, around the city, also the funding for their project and daily expenses such as food and medical care.

Schloss Leuk Residency

How would you like to live in a medieval castle 2 months a year for 5 years? Find out how below!
* * *
The Schloss Leuk Foundation, which has expedited the reconstruction of the medieval castle at the same-named community of Oberwallis, has initiated a number of socio-cultural projects during the past years. The most sophisticated one of these is certainly the Spycher: Literaturpreis Leuk (Spycher: Literary Prize Leuk). The prize consists of a five-year right of residence for writers and primarily distinguishes authors whose works show a certain nearness to the special, border-crossing situation of the Wallis.
Accomodation Information
4 different locations are available for the residents. Have a look at the Spycher literature prize website for further information (in German).





2 months per year during 5 years

Paid by host
  • accommodation
  • travel costs
  • month stipend of 1600 Swz. Francs.
Application guidelines
The prize is awarded once a year. No application possible.
Origin of residents
How long
1 to 3 months
established artist
Sonnenstrasse 21
3953 Leuk



+41 (0) 27 473 10 94


+41 (0) 79 355 49 02

Writers Omi Residency

Writers Omi, Spring & Fall 2016
Spring Residency Dates: March 18 – June 3, 2016
Fall Residency Dates: September 9 – November 4, 2016
Deadline: October 20, 2015

for the online application form.

All applications must be submitted electronically. Instructions and forms can be found in the application. All notifications will be provided electronically by February 1, 2016.

Questions may be directed to DW Gibson, director of Writers Omi at Ledig House at:

Writers Omi at Ledig House

Since its founding in 1992, Writers Omi at Ledig House has hosted hundreds of authors and translators, representing more than fifty countries. We welcome published writers and translators of every type of literature. International, cultural and creative exchange is a foundation of our mission, and a wide distribution of national background is an important part of our selection process.

Guests may select a residency of one week to two months; about ten at a time gather to live and work in a rural setting overlooking the Catskill Mountains. Ledig House provides all meals, and each night a local chef prepares dinner. Daytime is reserved for writing and quiet activities, while evenings are more communal. A program of weekly visits bring guests from the New York publishing community. Noted editors, agents and book scouts are invited to share dinner and conversation on both creative and practical subjects, offering insight into the workings of the publishing industry, and introductions to some of its key professionals. Click here for a list of former guest speakers.

German publisher, Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt, for whom the program is named, was noted for his passionate commitment to quality in literature. His list of authors included Thomas Wolfe, William Faulkner, Yukio Mishima, Jean-Paul Sartre, Vladimir Nabokov, John Updike, Toni Morrison and Thomas Pynchon.

Writers Omi has hosted hundreds of writers and translators from roughly 50 countries around the world. The colony’s strong international emphasis reflects the spirit of cultural exchange that is part of Ledig’s enduring legacy.

Notable alumni include:

  • Joseph O’Neill author of Netherland, which won the Pen/Faulkner Award
  • Aleksander Hemon, author of The Question of Bruno, recipient of a “genius grant” from the MacArthur Foundation
  • Gary Shteyngart, bestselling author of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook, Absurdistan, and Super Sad True Love Story
  • Susan Choi, bestselling author of American Woman and inaugural recipient of the PEN/W.G. Sebald Award.
  • Goce Smilevski, author of Freud’s Sister, which one the European Union Prize for Literature
  • Jan Brandt, bestselling author of Gegen Die Welt (Against the World) 
  • Buket Uzuner, international bestselling author of Istanbulians
  • Ned Beauman, author of Boxer, Beetle, and one of Granta’s “40 Writers under 40″ 
  • Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin which won the National Book Award
  • Kiran Desai, bestselling author of Inheritance of Loss, which won the Man Booker Prize
  • Mikhail Shishkin, bestselling author of The Taking of Izmail, which won the Russian Booker Prize
  • Shehan Karunatilaka, author of Chinaman: The Legend of Pradeep Matthew, which one the Commonwealth Prize

Eugene Paul Nassar Poetry Prize

Prize: $2,000
For best poetry collection published by an Upstate author.

Submission Deadline:
August 31, 2015

Nassar Poetry PrizeEntry Fee:
There is no entry fee.

Final Judge:
(To be announced.)

Entry Form

Entry Instructions:
Send completed entry form, a brief CV listing creative and scholarly accomplishments, and two (2) copies of the work to:

Gary Leising
Utica College
School of Arts and Sciences
1600 Burrstone Road
Utica, NY 13502

Note: Books may be sent in by author or publisher.

Submission Criteria:
Submitted work must be a book of poems in English, at least 48 pages long, published between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 by a resident of Upstate New York. Collections by more than one author, “collected” or “selected” volumes, collections of translations, self-published works, and vanity press publications are not eligible.

Additional Requirements:
Winner must agree, upon contest entry:

  • to give permission for portions of the winning work to be reproduced for publicity; and
  • to, at a mutually agreeable date in April 2016, 1) receive the award in person, 2) give a reading at Utica College, and 3) meet with students in a master class.

All books entered in competition will be donated to the Utica College library and the Utica Public Library.

Dogfish Head Brewery Poetry Prize

September 7, 2015
E-mail address:

A prize of $500, publication by Broadkill River Press, and two cases of Dogfish Head beer will be given annually for a poetry collection written by a poet living in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., or West Virginia. James Arthur, Timothy Green, and Joyce Sutphen will judge. Submit a manuscript of 48 to 78 pages by September 7. There is no entry fee. E-mail or visit the website for complete guidelines.

Dogfish Head Brewery, Poetry Prize, c/o Broadkill River Press, P.O. Box 63, Milton, DE 19963. Linda Blaskey, Contact.

Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards

Individual artists are making a difference in communities across Ohio every day. They illuminate community identity and help us understand and imagine our lives in new ways. Our lives are richer and more remarkable because of the contribution of artists to the social, physical, economic and spiritual fabric of our neighborhoods and towns. The presence of artists in a particular place is a strong indicator of cultural vitality. Businesses, new and old alike, need places where work and play come together in creative and dynamic ways. Artists living and working in a community affect the extent to which arts and culture are integrated into the schools and the number of non-profit arts organizations, theatres, art classes, galleries, and venues for live music in that community.

The Ohio Arts Council (OAC) provides voice and leadership through the arts to build vibrant, creative communities throughout Ohio and the support of individual artists is central to the fulfillment of this vision. The OAC has developed grant programs and services to provide funding and resources that help to sustain individual artists from all disciplines and ensure that the creative contribution by arts professionals remains a vital part of community life across Ohio.

The principal funding program for individual artists in is through the Individual Excellence Awards, which provide grants to creative artists for an exceptional body of work. Traditional master artists and apprentices are supported through the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program. Project funding is available for artists living in counties along the Ohio River through the Ohio River Border Initiative, and for artists with disabilities through the Artists with Disabilities Access program. Individual artists receive commissions through the Percent for Art program administered by the OAC. In addition to grants, the OAC provides a wide range of resources and services that help individual artists as they make important contributions to life in communities across the state including the Ohio Artists on Tour Directory and the Arts Learning Artist Directory.

As Ohio continues to evolve, artists have a significant role to play. Now more than ever, creativity and innovation are pivotal to our state’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. It will take skill and vision to release the potential of our people, communities, and state. Individual artists offer a doorway to the imagination and are the key to the expression of who we are and what we might become. The OAC seeks to be the catalyst to unlock our potential and support individual artists as they reflect our rich past and the promise of the future.

PDF of Support for Artists (76K)
PDF of Legal Requirements (67K)
Right Click the file and choose Save Target As: to download the file.

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