Readers Choice Award 2014

RDSP Reader's Choice Award

It’s that time of the year again. The time when authors from Dog Star Books, Guide Dog Books, and Raw Dog Screaming Press duke it out. The RDSP Reader’s Choice Award is upon us.

Matt Betts with the belt
Matt Betts flaunts his stuff

What does that mean, exactly? First off, yes: there really is an award. And yes, the rumors are true: it is a bona fide professional wrestling championship belt. We had that puppy custom made by a company that only makes championship belts for boxing, MMA, and wrestling. Yes, there is a name plate on the side engraved with each winner’s name and the year of their reign. Our logo is also engraved on other plates around the belt.

Author Matt Betts was crowned our inaugural Reader’s Choice Champion at last year’s DogCon event for his novel Odd Men Out. We love all of the books we publish, but Matt’s efforts went above and beyond the call of duty as a debut author, winning over the hearts of readers and reviewers everywhere. Not only did Matt take his well-deserved win gracefully, but he has done an admirable job of representing RDSP at events throughout the year by taking his championship belt on the road when he does publicity.

I would be remiss if I were to permit you to think we only administer this belt which has to be returned after a year. In fact the authors also receive a separate engraved trophy to keep permanently. Perhaps sweetest of all, though, is knowing that after a two-step voting process the winner gets bragging rights over our other authors…I mean, they get the satisfaction of knowing readers appreciate them.

Betts at the award ceremony
Betts winning the belt

Eligible books this year are listed below:

  • The Biographizer Trilogy (Hitler, Freud, Douglass) by D.Harlan Wilson
  • Corpus Chrome, Inc. by S. Craig Zahler
  • Embrace the Hideous Immaculate by Chad Hensley
  • Grave Markings by Michael Arnzen
  • Greenshift by Heidi Ruby Miller
  • How to Read by Eckhard Gerdes
  • The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland
  • Mr. Wicker by Maria Alexander
  • Mourning Jewelry by Stephanie Wytovich
  • Soft Apocalypses by Lucy Snyder
  • Wasteland Blues by Scott Christian Carr & Andrew Conry-Murray

Please vote for your favorite, for your friend, for spite or for indifference, for everlasting glory…by visiting and selecting the title that seems best to you. Or, by picking the author whose style would be best augmented by a pro wrestling championship belt.

Above all: thank you for participating!

Small Press Month

logo2Did you know that March is officially Small Press Month? Raw Dog Screaming Press has been celebrating by publishing spotlights on various indie publishers over at the RDSP blog. Thus far we have featured eight different publishers spanning many genres and styles. More are on the way!

Until the next update why not read up on what is happening in the publishing scene with these fine companies:

Anti-Oedipus Press

Apex Publications

Atticus Books

Despumation Press

Down & Out Books

Fiction Collective 2

Rooster Republic Press

Valancourt Books


Writer-in-Residence: Writers in the Schools (WITS), a program of Seattle Arts & Lectures, hires creative writers—poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, cartoonists/graphic novelists, and playwrights—who are passionate about teaching the power and pleasure of writing to young people and who are excited to collaborate with public school teachers. Employment is part-time. Residency contracts vary, but typically extend for nine months from October to June. A school-year commitment is typically required.

♦ Prepare and circulate to teachers and WITS staff a syllabus incorporating reading selections and writing prompts, taking into account your classroom teacher’s desired learning outcomes and curriculum
♦ Guide students to write through exciting and innovative creative writing lessons.
♦ Provide weekly written feedback to your students on their writing
♦ Attend a day-long writer retreat in October
♦ Attend writer meetings (5-6 over the course of the year)
♦ Collect excellent student work and permissions throughout the year and submit it to WITS staff on deadline for displays, online and print publication, etc.
♦ Coordinate end-of-semester/trimester culminating events for your classes
♦ Choose and prepare students to read at the annual student readings
♦ Reflect on and evaluate your residency through a formal essay
♦ Contribute to the WITS blog
♦ Complete an annual self-evaluation and review with WITS staff

Required Qualifications:
♦ Significant publications and/or performances
♦ One to two years of teaching or mentoring experience with elementary, middle, or high school students
♦ Interest in collaborating with public school teachers
♦ Excellent written and oral communication skills
♦ Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail
♦ Availability to teach the same day every week throughout the academic year (October through June)

Desired Qualifications:
♦ Bilingual writers
♦ Writers experienced with hospital patients, English Language Learners, Native populations, or Special Education students.

♦ Compensation for a full-residency of 84 teaching hours is $6,500 ($77/teaching hour; to be paid in monthly installments). Partial or greater residencies are scaled accordingly.
♦ Free tickets to Seattle Arts & Lectures events, as available
♦ Professional development training and inspiring colleagues

How to Apply
Send the following via email to
♦ Cover letter
♦ Teaching and artistic resume
♦ Names, phone numbers, and email addresses for three references, at least one of whom should be familiar with your teaching
♦ Three- to five-page creative writing sample in the genre you most like to teach
♦ One page describing three specific writing goals you might have for a residency and two specific teaching exercises/lesson plans you would use to help students achieve those goals. Please identify if the exercises are intended for elementary, middle, or high school students.


August 1, 2014 by noon. Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted in the following weeks.

Bro Call, or: Venus Needs Men!

Pulp cover style RDSP retreat infoAbove is a handy visual guide to the crucial info for our upcoming writers retreat. Please do share this image far and wide so that we can give everyone a chance to participate in our weekend of physics-defying awesomeness. Your help is seriously appreciated.

In other news, it seems as though all the men originally interested in rooms have dropped out of the retreat, leaving it all women authors & editors. Sure, I’ll be there, but since I’m cooking, cleaning, making runs to the store, and keeping things on track behind the scenes I just kinda count as part of the furniture.

So, in the interest of keeping this opportunity for authors balanced I, for the first time, am wondering where my dawgs at? Can I get some brothas on board? Come on fellows, we need you to represent! If you are unsure what to expect just visit these wonderful recaps here and at Does it look worthwhile? Right on! Contact to secure a room.

Or, perhaps you women out there want to buy up all the real estate and ensure this is a women-only writers retreat? If so just email to get a room and lock the boys out.

A note on the graphic: Bill Hamilton, ever astute in web-based strangeness, alerted me to Explore its features on your own, and rejoice.

Join Our Luxury Writing Retreat

bbrWe will be back at Bourbon Ridge Friday, April 10th – Monday morning, April 13th for a weekend of writing related hijinx! The primary focus will be on individual writing time but you’ll have the chance to talk with other editors and authors over meals and share your work in a group reading session. Accommodations are in a luxurious lodge in scenic Hocking Hills, OH.

Get away from distractions and make time for your writing! We had a great experience the first time we stayed there and are looking forward to going back. See the pictures and read our recap here. But you don’t have to take our word for it, get a participant’s perspective from

All meals are included, the total cost (covering 3 nights) is $250 for a single room and $75 for each additional person in the room (ie $325 for a couple, $400 for 3 people sharing etc.) Several rooms with bunk beds are available for sharing as well as rooms with King size beds for singles or couples.

The number of rooms available is very limited and we don’t want to overbook so if you are interested contact us at and let us know what kind of room you are interested in. If you have questions you’d like answered before reserving a room we are happy to answer them!


Get Spicy With Me For Only $2

ParamournCoverTempting Disaster cover

You read that headline correctly. My offerings for adult audiences are on sale at a steep discount for the next eight days. Today and tomorrow you can purchase both Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances and the Tempting Disaster anthology for just $0.99 each! After that the price will go up by a dollar for two days, then two days later another dollar, and so on. If you have have a hankering for sci-fi, bizarro, fantasy-based, hilarious, or horrific erotica give these Kindle editions a try.

About Paramourn

Why are bad choices so tempting? This short story collection explores the dark side of romance, twisting through bizarro alleyways and diving into the dumpsters of horror, science fiction, and fantasy in search of the answer. Although 23 of the stories within were previously published the remainder were deemed too literary for erotic publications, and too erotic for release elsewhere.

Read a full length sample story free of charge at

Purchase at

About Tempting Disaster

This anthology from the fringe examines our culture’s obsession with taboos and the added temptation that forbidden pleasures bring. Warnings of danger and peril only heighten our desire for those things we have been told are bad, wrong and have been warned against doing.

Postmodernists and surrealists come together in these pages with renegade horror and science-fiction authors to re-envision what is “acceptable.” By turns humorous and horrific then shocking and alluring, the authors dissect those very impulses we deny in our everyday lives.

While navigating the minefield of gender relations and plotting explorations into the landscape of the other, this volume is all-inclusive in scope. It allows for every lifestyle and viewpoint, no matter how unlikely or bizarre. This literary experiment on human desire opens up many possibilities including the chance that the ultimate disaster might very well prove to be the most compelling temptation.

Simon Logan’s story “Surgery” received an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2005.

Table of Contents:

Junkyard Fetish • Darren Speegle
Broken By Love • Mark Howard Jones
Painstation • Ronald Damien Malfi
The Wound • Brandi Bell
The Agent • Michael Hemmingson
Andrea Gives Good Head • Wendy Brewer
N is For… • J.M. Heluk
The Doll, or: What the Dead Think About at the Very End of the World • Lance Olsen
Lesbian Whores of Broadway • Craig Snyder
Self Service • Jessica Markowicz
An X-Less Story • Perry McGee
Why Don’t We Do It in the Road • John Edward Lawson
Christina Aguilera Ate My Left Testicle • Clint Venezuela
The Hotel Detective • Alec S. Scott
Eat Me, Drink Me • Alyssa Sturgill
Whisper • Michael Amorel
Shadows • Vincent W. Sakowski
Sam Thompson in Love • J. Scott Malby
Revenge of the Living Masturbation Rag • Kevin L. Donihe
Heaven • Christian Westerlund
Surgery • Simon Logan
Black Wings • Jeffrey Thomas
God on Television • Carlton Mellick III
The Unauthorized Woman • Efrem Emerson

What They’re Saying About Tempting Disaster:

Tempting Disaster is a multi-faceted collection of love, lust, and loathing. If you can’t take the heat of this puppy, than you may as well curl up with a blanket and suck your thumb, cause baby, this is going to leave a mark…. There are plenty of goodies to get you off and repulsed at the same time, so make sure to savor each and every one. Tempting Disaster leaves an impression without making you feel cheap and used. Well, used at least. I highly recommend it.”
Gothic Review

Purchase at

Go Where the Sun Don’t Shine!

Here’s your opportunity to spend 12 weeks living without direct sunlight, crafting your art in the Icelandic winter. Sound like fun? Read on…

* * *


Skammdegi in Icelandic means dark winter or short sunlight winter. December 21 is the shortest day in Iceland. The sunlight is from 11am to 3pm only. Listhús í Fjallabyggð is located in Olafsfjordur, north Iceland where is rounded by mountains. So during December and January, the sun never can raise up higher than the mountains. Resulting, the lands are always covered by a mysterious reflective lighting. To push up the spirit, people eager to light up the house with Christmas lights and joy with 13-Yule Lads, Icelandic Santa Claus until 6 January. The sun climbs up bit by bit until the first shinning line shows on the peak on January 21 and the sunshine reaches the ground until end of the month.

For Listhus AiR SKAMMDEGI Award winners, Listhus offer its accommodation and working space for full or half grant during your 12 weeks stay to maximize the possibility to explore in the dark winter. All the winners can participant Skammdegishátíð 2016.

For whom

Artists, writers, musicians, and researchers (individually or in group) who like to take the challenge/enjoy a dark winter.
Proposals must focus mainly on content of the work and the process of working resulting in a presentation in our space. Projects must have a strong site specify concept and/or with interactive elements with locals and/or environment. Do not take this too literally, feel free to propose the unexpected, and be bold! We strongly advise you to read into the residency’s website: prior to submitting a proposal.

Duration and costs

Duration: 12 weeks, 7 December 2015 and 26th February 2016

Paid by host:
Full grant: Accommodation, studio and gallery (equal to the value of 1,650 to 2,400 euro)
Half grant: 50% fee reduction (equal to the value of 825 to 1,200 euro)

Paid by Artists
Travel, living and production expenses must be paid by artists.
Also, overseas artists are asked to get insurance before departure.

How To Apply

  1. Application Fee: In order to apply, Listhus requests an application fee of €15,-. Collected funds cover basic administrations costs. The application fee should be transferred to Listhus’ PayPal account with email address Fees paid are non-refundable. Without received payment your application will not be considered.
  2. Application Form (Please find here – word document)
  3. CV/ Artist Profile
  4. Relevant images, audios, videos, magazines, website links
  5. At least two recommendation letters

Please send listed items by e-mail to before April 30, 2015. For more information, please contact or visit:

The man your librarian warned you about…


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